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Second AERFAI Summer School on
Bilbao (Spain), June 23-28, 2008
url: http://www.ehu.es/aerfaiss08
e-mail: aerfaiss08 at ehu.es

We are  pleased to  announce the second  AERFAI Summer School  on "New
Trends in Pattern Recognition for Language Technologies".  This summer
school is the  successor to the well-received school  held in 2006 and
organized  by the  AERFAI, the  Spanish section  of  the International
Association  for Pattern Recognition  (IAPR). AERFAISS'08  will tackle
cutting-edge  technologies  related   to  pattern  recognition,  being
language  technologies  the  main  focus.  The  school  represents  an
opportunity for the presentation of research in this field to both PhD
students  and researchers  working on  I+D.   To ensure  a high  ratio
between  tutors  and  students  the  school  will  be  limited  to  50
participants.  We  find this a good opportunity  for young researchers
to exchange  their ideas  with senior lecturers,  getting to  know the
state-of-the art toolkits on  language technologies and the trends for
future developments in this field.

PROGRAM (confirmed)

AERFAISS'08 consists of both  tutorials, laboratory practices and open
discussion forums summing up a  total of 36 hours distributed all over
a week.

- "Statistical models and algorithms for speech and language
   technologies" by Dr. Hermann Ney (RWTH Aachen, Germany)

- "Multi-modal interaction involving speech and language technologies"
   by Dr. Alex Waibel (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)

- "Applying unsupervised learning in creating language models for
   information retrieval and machine translation" by Dr. Timo Honkela
   (Helsinki University of Technology, Finland)

- "Speech production models for automatic speech recognition" by
   Dr. Richard Rose (McGill University, Canada)

- "Phrase-based statistical translation models" by Dr. Philipp Koehn
   (University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom)

- "Computer assisted transcription of speech and text images" by
   Dr. Enrique Vidal (Instituto Tecnológico de Informática, Technical
   University of Valencia, Spain)

- "Interactive machine translation" by Dr. Francisco Casacuberta
   (Instituto Tecnológico de Informática, Technical University of
   Valencia, Spain)


The AERFAI Summer School 2008 will take place in:

   Department of Electricity and Electronics
   Faculty of Science and Technology
   University of the Basque Country
   Campus of Biscay

Biscay  is an  area located  in the  northeast of  Spain,  besides the
Atlantic  watershed.  Bilbao,  the   capital  of  Biscay,  is  a  well
communicated  city by  either  plain,  bus or  train.  Apart from  the
Guggenheim museum,  the Euskalduna conference  centre (awarded world's
best  by IACC),  the underground  designed by  Norman  Foster, Bizkaia
Bridge  (UNESCO   Common  Heritage  of  Mankind)   and  summer's  jazz
festivals, one might enjoy the well known Basque gastronomy, so rooted
in  Bilbao. To find  out more  about Bilbao,  turn to  the town-hall's
information website: http://www.bilbao.net


Fill in the  application form from the web-page and  fax it along with
the bank receipt of payment  to the attention of Euskoiker Foundation.
Fax:  +34 (9)44153905 (attaching  both the  registration form  and the
prove of payment)

Registration Fee:

Includes admission to all sessions, support material for both lectures
and practices, coffee breaks and wi-fi access to the internet.

- Early registration: from 1s January 2008 to 30th April 2008, for
   either full time students or AERFAI members: 325?
- Late registration: from 1st May 2008 to 15th June 2008, for either
   full time students or AERFAI members: 350?
- Others: 375?


For any question, please  address to the organizing committee; e-mail:
aerfaiss08 at ehu.es

AERFAI governing board and Summer School Organization

Dr. M. Inés Torres
University of the Basque Country

Dr. José Miguel Benedí
ITI, Technical University of Valencia

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