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Ion Androutsopoulos ion at aueb.gr
Mon Mar 31 18:28:31 CEST 2008

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the availability of NaturalOWL. NaturalOWL is 
an open-source natural language generation engine written in Java. It 
produces English and Greek descriptions of individuals (e.g., items for 
sale or museum exhibits) and classes (e.g., types of exhibits) from OWL 
DL ontologies. The ontologies must have been annotated in RDF with 
suitable linguistic and user modeling information. NaturalOWL was 
developed in the Department of Informatics of the Athens University of 
Economics and Business in the Greek project XENIOS, and it is now being 
extended in the European project INDIGO. NaturalOWL is heavily based on 
ideas from the European project M-PIRO, which was in turn based on 
Edinburgh?s ILEX system, but it provides native support for OWL DL and 
it can be used within the Prote'ge' ontology editor.

The software can be downloaded from:


A short paper (from ENLG 2007) that describes NaturalOWL is also available:


More detailed documentation is available upon request. You can see 
NaturalOWL being used in Second Life in the following video, which 
accompanies our Museums and the Web 2008 paper (joint work with Jon 
Oberlander and Amy Isard):


NaturalOWL can also be used with the ELEON authoring tool and the 
Personalization Server of NCSR "Demokritos". Related information is (or 
will be) available from:


Dimitris Galanis, George Karakatsiotis and Ion Androutsopoulos

Ion Androutsopoulos (http://www.aueb.gr/users/ion/)
Assistant Professor, Department of Informatics
Athens University of Economics and Business

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