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Tue Oct 21 13:46:46 CEST 2008

Dear Elsnet List 

You are cordially invited to pose your attention to  
AXMEDIS 2008 International Conference, 17-19th Nov. 2008, 
Florence, Italy.

Sorry if you have already recevied this email. 

AXMEDIS is a large conference and community with strong innovation and 
research programme. You can see the programme already defined 
on the AXMEDIS conference web site: 


-Main Scientific International Line: AXMEDIS 2008, IEEE Computer Society pressed proceedings 
-AXMEDIS open workshop, future of AXMEDIS future of cross media
-Workshop DPWF – AAC: Digital Preservation Weaving Factory for Analogue Audio Collections 
-panel on IPTV, WEB TV, Business TV, Social Network: the proposals and the network scenarious, 
-panel on Ideas and projects for the Digital Television, Meeting of the Comunicare Digitale Group
-Panel: EDCine Project for Digital Cinema  and Archives 
-Workshop: EUAIN New Paradigms for Creative Research 
-Workshop: Cultural heritage and Artificial Intelligence. 
-Workshop: 2nd Variazioni, Technologies for Content Enrichment in the Web2.0 era 
-Panel: 2020 3D Media 

Workshop and planel pressed by florence Univ. Press.

AXMEDIS 2008 will be a significant and exciting event on cross-media, content
production GRID, content protection, interoperable DRM (digital rights
management), multimedia terminals, multiple-play, multichannel, multi
devices, MPEG-21 terminal and tools, authoring tools, digital media, 
P2P, OMA, multi-channel delivery, content modeling, business models, 
security and distribution, digital signature, legal aspects, accessibility, 
transaction models, social network, semantic modeling, multimedia music, 
workflow, and much more.

The AXMEDIS2008 International Conference is a perfect occasion to get
the state of the art and beyond, on the above mentioned technologies
and developments and to meet the most relevant industrial leaders, 
leading researchers, experts and practitioners from both industrial 
and research institutes, including European digital content providers, 
integrators, distributors, technology providers, market leaders and prestigious  
research institutions, social networks. 

See http://www.AXMEDIS.org/axmedis2008/

Please feel free to forward and redistribute this email to everyone
who may be interested in this event and to all relevant mailing lists.
Please do not hesitate to inform us if this email has not been of your

Best regards,
Paolo Nesi 

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