[Elsnet-list] CFP: Natural Computing and Intelligent Robotics conference and NCAF 2009

Stefan Wermter stefan.wermter at sunderland.ac.uk
Fri Oct 24 15:58:43 CEST 2008

Call for Papers, Abstracts, Participation

Conference on Natural Computing and Intelligent Robotics and
Natural Computing Applied Forum Meeting (NCAF)

University of Sunderland
21-22 January 2009

Submissions are invited for the forthcoming Conference on Natural
Computing and Intelligent Robotics and NCAF meeting to be held at
the University of Sunderland, 21-22 January 2009. This forum
should be ideal to bring together PhD students and staff in an
enjoyable setting.  Submissions are invited in general areas of
natural computing including:

* Nature-inspired  Knowledge Representation
* Multimodal Knowledge Representation
* Neural Networks
* Artificial Life
* Evolutionary Computation
* Genetic Algorithms
* Biological Computation
* Neuroscience-inspired architectures
* Reinforcement Learning
* Machine Learning
* Hybrid Intelligent Systems

and particularly in areas related to biologically-inspired
intelligent robotics, such as:

* Language processing robots and speech interfaces
* Smart sensors and perception
* Human-robot interaction
* Learning robots
* Multimodal integration
* Biorobots and neuroscience-inspired architectures
* Robot control and navigation
* Neural, statistical and symbolic integration
* Hybrid architectures.

This meeting will complement the EU funded NESTCOM project and 
submissions focussing on multimodal communication are especially
welcome. We  particularly encourage submissions from PhD
students with early results for dissemination. In order to
encourage student submissions a prize will be awarded for the
best paper from a PhD student.

1 page abstracts or full papers of up to 10 pages should be submitted
to Dr. Michael Knowles ( Michael.Knowles at sunderland.ac.uk )
by Monday 17th November 2008 in pdf form.

High quality submissions could be considered as submissions for 
publication in journals e.g. Connection Science, Neural Networks
in extended form.

For more information see the website

Organising Committee:

Stefan Wermter (Chair)
Naveed Anwar
Graham Hesketh
Michael Knowles
John MacIntyre
Kimberley Moore
Martin Page
Kiran Ravulakollu

Professor Stefan Wermter
Centre for Hybrid Intelligent Systems
Department of Computing and Technology, FAS
University of Sunderland
St Peters Way
Sunderland SR6 0DD
United Kingdom


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