[Elsnet-list] Conference Announcement - EAMT 2009

David Farwell farwell at lsi.upc.edu
Wed Oct 29 16:33:03 CET 2008

EAMT 2009 - 13th Annual Conference of the European Association for Machine Translation




May 14-15, 2009

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, SPAIN

Conference web site: http://www.talp.cat/eamt09


The 13th Annual Meeting of the European Association for Machine 
Translation is being organised by Centre for Speech and Language 
Applications and Technologies (TALP) and will take place May 14-15 on 
the Campus Nord of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in 
Barcelona, Spain.




The meetings of the European Association for Machine Translation are intended to provide a forum for researchers, commercial developers and users to exchange of ideas concerning all aspects of Machine Translation and translation-related tools and resources. The aim is to present recent research and current state of the art in the area, explore emerging R&D trends, provide information about evaluation techniques and tools and review the translation needs and the uses of translation technologies on the part of government and industry.




The Scientific Programme will include invited talks, a series of oral presentations and poster sessions. This year the main theme of the conference is:

/"Translation among European languages, especially// for languages with 
smaller speech communities and limited digital resources"/

There are 23 official languages in the EU almost half of which have 
fewer than 10 million speakers. In addition, there are perhaps as many 
as 80 additional recognized languages or dialects spoken within its 
territory, the majority of which have fewer than 2 million speakers. The 
problems faced by government and industry in providing goods and 
services to people in their native language, in many cases a matter of 
law, is at the very least daunting. At the same time, current MT 
development methods require large amounts of human and/or digital 
resources. Thus, the focus of this EAMT conference is on how to develop 
translation technologies for and among languages with fewer speakers and 
more limited digital resources.

However, contributions are welcome on all topics related to Machine 
Translation or translation related technologies including:

· MT methodologies and techniques (SMT, EBMT, RBMT)

· Hybrid approaches integrating RMT and SMT

· Speech -to-speech translation

· Translation aids (translation memory, terminology databases, etc.)

· Practical MT systems (for professionals, multilingual eCommerce, 
localization, etc.)

· Translation environments (workflow, support tools, conversion tools 
for lexica, etc.)

· Human factors in MT and user interfaces

· MT embedded in other services (web search, eGovernment, etc.)

· MT evaluation methodologies and tools

· Lexicon and grammar acquisition and induction

· Dictionaries and lexica for MT

· Text and speech corpora for MT

· Multilingual technologies (natural language generation, information 
retrieval, text categorization, text summarization, information 
extraction, etc.)


The principal dates of interest include:

· October 2008 – Initial call for papers

· 31 Jan 2009 – Submission deadline

· 14-15 May 2009 – Conference

Please visit the conference web pages (http://www.talp.cat/eamt09) for 
the most up-to-date information about the calendar, the call for papers 
and formatting requirements, the programme, invited speaker and panel 
members, related conference activities, the venue, travel and registration.

Local organization is provided by the Centre for Speech and Language 
Applications and Technologies at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

See you in Barcelona!

The local organizing committee,

David Farwell (farwell at lsi.upc.edu)

Adrián R. Fonollosa (adrian at gps.tsc.upc.edu)

José Mariño (canton at gps.tsc.upc.edu)

Lluís Márquez (lluism at lsi.upc.edu)


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