[Elsnet-list] Regarding the Special Issue on Agents and Data Mining on IEEE Intelligent Systems

Longbing Cao lbcao at it.uts.edu.au
Thu Sep 18 09:59:00 CEST 2008

Dear colleagues and authors,

[Apologize if this is not related to you.]

With regard to the Special Issue on Agents and Data Mining on IEEE
Intelligent Systems,


I recently received plenty of requests from Asia, Europe and America
asking for extension of the deadline. In addition, I was informed that
some of submissions have been sent back by IEEE IS for modification due to
inconsistency with the submission guidelines, and there are plenty of
submissions still under checking by IEEE IS and haven't gone into the
special issue paper management system.

To solve the above two issues, I have asked special approval from the IEEE
IS to extend the due date to 24 September for both incoming submissions
and those requested to be modified. If you have been asked by IEEE IS to
change your submission to fit in the guideline, you may find the above due
date in the email you received. For those who requested the extension and
will submit the paper before the new deadline, please make sure your
submission is aligned with IEEE IS submission guideline. Please note the
above date is the hard cutting point.


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