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6th International Workshop on Memetic Algorithms (WOMA 2009)


The next International Workshop on Memetic Algorithms (WOMA 2009), will
be the sixth in a series of workshops dedicated exclusively to Memetic
Algorithms. WOMA 2009 will be held as part of the IEEE Symposium Series
on Computational Intelligence, Nashville Tennessee. The WOMA series is a
forum where the international community of researchers, practitioners
and vendors, that work on aspects related to Memetic algorithms, can
engage in fruitful discussions, learning and contribute to the
advancement of this field. Extended versions of selected papers
appearing in previous meetings of WOMA have been published in edited
volumes and in a special issue of Evolutionary Computation. 


Memetic algorithms (MAs) are evolutionary algorithms that apply a
separate local search process to refine individuals (e.g. improve their
fitness by hill-climbing). These methods are inspired by models of
adaptation in natural systems that combine evolutionary adaptation of
populations of individuals with individual learning within a lifetime.
Combining global and local search is a strategy used by many successful
optimization approaches, and MAs have in fact been recognized as a
powerful algorithmic paradigm for evolutionary computing. From a more
general perspective, MAs have been seen as a useful tool for
investigating a range of social and biological phenomena.


It is the goal of this workshop to push forward our understanding of
both the theory and the deployment of MA. Papers are invited covering
areas such as (but not limited to):

-              designing novel competitive, collaborative and
cooperative frameworks of MAs,

-              analytical and/or theoretical studies that enhance our
understanding on the behaviors of MAs,

-              asymptotic global convergence analyses and/or complexity
analyses of MAs,

-              understanding what characterizes fit memes,

-              evolution of memes/co-evolution of genes and memes,

-              modeling the replication, spread and evolution of memes,

-              using multiple memes or local searchers or exact methods,

-              adapting the control parameters of MAs, i.e., adaptive

-              memetic computing for discrete, continuous and uncertain
optimization problems,

-              memetic computing for computationally expensive
optimization problems,

-              memetic computing for multi-objective optimization,

-              knowledge incorporation in memetic computing,

-              modeling/simulation of memetic system,

-              real-world applications of memetic computing.


Authors of selected papers will be invited to submit extended versions
of their papers to a special issue of the Journal of Memetic Computing.


Submission is on-line. Guidelines and information  can be found at


Relevant dates:

                - Submission Due:                            October
31st 208.

                - Notification to Authors:
November 30th 2008

                - Camera-Ready Papers due:      January 15th 2009

                - Conference:                                    March
30 - April 2, 2009     

                  Sheraton Music City Hotel, Nashville, TN, USA



More details about the workshop and organisers can be found at: 



More details about the IEEE Symposium Series on Computational
Intelligence can be found at:  http://www.ieee-ssci.org/


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