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Post-Doctoral Researcher and PhD researcher positions at the HMDB-LIIR
lab in Leuven, Belgium.

** Phd position in TermWise project **

We invite applications for a 4 year PhD position financed by the
research project TermWise: Creating Resources for Specialised Language
Use. The TermWise project (financed by the IOF - Industrieel
OnderzoeksFonds) aims to develop a prototype software tool that offers
comprehensive multilingual terminological support to language
professionals dealing with specialized language use. Lawyers, doctors
or business people all have their own jargon. Knowledge about the
typical words and expressions in these disciplines is essential for
translators, copy writers or anyone else who deals with specialised
The focus of the PhD research is on term alignment, i.e. the
automatic alignment of phrases and words that are translational
equivalents in large multilingual document collections. The research
covers the study of existing statistical alignment models (e.g.,
sequence and fertility based models) and the design, development and
evaluation of novel alignment algorithms including generative,
discriminative and graph models.
The academic objective of the
research is a Doctorate in Engineering: Computer Science from the
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium. Funding is available as from
October 2009 up to September 2013 at the rate of a K.U.Leuven PhD
bursary (approx. € 26000 nett per annum, which includes holiday and
end-of-year allowance, and social security). The research will be
performed at the Department of Computer Science at the K.U.Leuven
(HMDB - Language Intelligence and Information Retrieval team
-http://www.cs.kuleuven.be/~liir/). A close collaboration with the
other partners of the TermWise project, who develop technology for
term extraction, conceptual modelling, and interface development, is

The candidate has the following profile:

1. A degree in Computer Science, Informatics or equivalent with a
minimum grade of cum laude.
2. Interest in computational linguistics and statistical natural
language processing.

Because the successful candidate will work as a member of a project
group, team spirit is indispensable. Basic knowledge of Dutch and
French is required at the time of application, and candidates are
expected, and will be given the opportunity, to improve possible gaps
in their language skills in the first year of their employment.

Interested applicants should send their CV and letter of application
BEFORE August  24, 2009 to:

Prof. Marie-Francine Moens
sien DOT moens AT cs DOT kuleuven DOT be

** Post-doctoral Researcher in Information Retrieval **

At the Department of Computer Science, K.U.Leuven (HMDB - Language
Intelligence and Information Retrieval team
-http://www.cs.kuleuven.be/~liir/), we have an open position (1 - 2
years, can be prolonged) for a post-doctoral researcher, financed by
the EU-FP-7 Puppy IR project.

The candidate has the following profile::

1.  Strong interest in novel information access and retrieval models.
2.  PhD in computer science or closely related field, evidence of good
programming skills in C/C++ and/or Java, and mathematical skills.
3.  Good communication skills and interest to work in a team.

We are looking forward to receive your application with your
curriculum vitae, list of publications, referee coordinates, and grade
certificates (please all in one PDF-file).

Interested applicants should send their CV and letter of application
BEFORE August  24, 2009 to:

Prof. Marie-Francine Moens
sien DOT moens AT cs DOT kuleuven DOT be

For more information on the HMBD-LIIR group, please see


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