[Elsnet-list] Call for Papers -- AAAI 2010 Workshop on Collaboratively-built Knowledge Sources and Artificial Intelligence

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Fri Dec 4 14:42:21 CET 2009

AAAI-2010 Workshop on Collaboratively-built Knowledge Sources
 		and Artificial Intelligence
         	  Atlanta, Georgia
 	       July 11th or 12th 2010

*** Submission deadline: March 29th 2010 ***

In recent years, collaborative endeavours facilitated by the Internet seem 
to have the answer for the knowledge acquisition bottleneck. More and more 
resources and collaborative endeavours have started to be incorporated and 
exploited as knowledge repositories for various tasks. Wikipedia with its 
many facets and knowledge bearing structuring, the tags associated with 
images in Flickr, question-answer collections in Yahoo! Answers are a few 
examples of such information sources. Amazon's Mechanical Turk gives 
researchers access to "human computation" power, and is being used more 
and more as a solution to the difficult problems of large scale 
evaluations and data annotation, both crucial for the continuous 
development of the AI and NLP fields.

AI and NLP have the potential to both exploit and dig deeper in the mines 
of collective knowledge, and to help build them, by providing tools for 
helping generate more, better and consistent content. As with the previous 
events, we believe work in this area should be encouraged, followed and 
popularized, to promote the synergy between repositories of 
user-contributed knowledge and research in Artificial Intelligence.

The workshop is intended to be highly interdisciplinary. We encourage 
participation of researchers from different perspectives, including (but 
not limited to) machine learning, computational linguistics, information 
retrieval, information extraction, question answering, knowledge 
representation, human computer interaction and others. We also encourage 
participation of researchers from other areas who might benefit from the 
use of large bodies of machine-readable knowledge.

We plan a follow up special issue on the topic in a relevant journal.


Topics covered by this workshop include, but are not limited to:

     * Using user-contributed knowledge as a source of training data for AI tasks (both supervised and unsupervised)
     * Automatic methods for improving the quality of user contributions
     * Modeling tasks for human computation
     * Integrating different resources (e.g. Wikipedia and WN/Cyc/other ontologies)
     * Extracting annotated data from user contributions
     * Enriching user contributions with new types of structural information
     * User-contributed knowledge and the Semantic Web/Web 2.0
     * Automatic extraction and use of cross-lingual information
     * Computerized use of satellite Wiki projects such as Wiktionary, Wikibooks or Wikispecies
     * Human computation like Amazon Mechanical Turk to help AI tasks
     * Data mining on collaboratively-contributed resources
     * Innovative graph algorithms exploiting collaborative resources
     * Word Sense Disambiguation with Wikipedia, Wiktionary, etc.

______Important Dates

Submission deadline: March 29th 2010
Notification date: April 15th 2010
Camera-ready deadline: April 30th 2010
Workshop date: July 11th or 12th 2010


The review process is *not* double-blinded. Submissions should be regular 
full papers
(up to 6 pages), short papers reporting on late-breaking results (up to 3 
pages), and
descriptions of system demonstrations (up to 1 page). Please refer to the 
AAAI author
instruction page for the templates.


     * Vivi Nastase, EML Research
     * Roberto Navigli, University of Rome "La Sapienza"
     * Fei Wu, University of Washington

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