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Call for paper
Special issue of Document Numérique:
Texts: analysis and uses

Coordinated by Brigitte Grau (LIMSI-CNRS)

 >> Extended deadline: January 30th, 2010

This special issue aims at bringing together a collection of papers 
about work relying on text processing techniques used either for 
studying text structures and text understanding or for extracting and 
acquiring knowledge from texts.

With the enormous increase in recent years in the number of texts 
available online and the resulting need for techniques to access this 
information beyond document retrieval, the challenge is to offer to 
users a direct access to the information they search. This raises the 
problem of analyzing texts or passages to find precise information, to 
make them easier to read or to sum up their content.
These topics lead to address several issues:
 - which kinds of discourse modeling are the most suitable for the 
automatic processing of texts?  - what kind of dependencies exist 
between interpretation processes and types of texts, tasks or applications?
 - what kind of information or knowledge can be accessed or acquired 
through texts?
 - how information distributed over several documents can be gathered 
and synthesized?
These issues can also be considered from the side of text generation by 
helping a writer to structure his/her text or enrich it to facilitate 
its further analysis.
Finally, all these processes have to be robust enough to be applied to a 
large amount of texts whatever their language, their domain, etc.

Submitted papers could develop following topics:
Text Analysis:
     * topic analysis
     * discourse structure
    * semantic annotations

 Text generation:
     * conception and generation of text
     * authoring aid and* *writing assistant

 Content access:
     * text mining: information extraction, question-answering, opinion 
mining, plagiarism detection
     * automatic summarization
     * visualization and navigation
     * passage retrieval, information retrieval based on text structure
     * text as knowledge source: role of texts in the knowledge 
acquisition process from texts
     * status, modality and context of validity of acquired knowledge
and more generally, all work that relies on text modeling or models some 
of text characteristics.

 Information for submitting at:


Patrice Bellot (LIA, Univ. Avignon)
Gaël Dias (HULTIG)
Patrice Enjalbert (GREYC, Univ. Caen)
Marc Elbèze (LIA, Univ. Avignon)
Olivier Ferret (CEA LIST)
Patrick Gallinari (LIP6, Univ. P6)
Brigitte Grau (LIMSI, ENSIIE)
Nicolas Hernandez (LINA, Univ. Nantes)
Agata Jackiewicz (Univ. P4)
Guy Lapalme (RALI, Univ. Montréal)
Bernard Levrat (LERIA, Univ. Angers)
Yvette Yannick Mathieu (LFF)
Aurélien Max (LIMSI, Univ. P11)
Jean-Luc Minel (Modyco, Univ. Paris 10)
Adeline Nazarenko (LIPN, Univ. P13)
Marie-Paule Péry-Woodley (CLLE-ERSS, Univ. Toulouse)
Thierry Poibeau (LIPN)
Violaine Prince (LIRMM, Univ. Montpellier)
Horacio Saggion (Univ. Sheffield)
Pascale Sébillot (IRISA, INSA Rennes)
Yannnick Toussaint (INRIA Nancy -- Grand-Est, Loria)
Pierre Zweigenbaum (LIMSI)

Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Informatique pour l'Industrie et l'Entreprise
1 square de la résistance, 91025 EVRY Cedex
tel. 01 69 36 73 44, fax 01 69 36 73 09


BP 133, 91403 ORSAY Cedex
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