[Elsnet-list] IJCAI-09 Workshop: Grand Challenges for Reasoning from Experiences

Goran Nenadic G.Nenadic at manchester.ac.uk
Mon Feb 2 18:21:00 CET 2009

IJCAI-09 Workshop
Grand Challenges for Reasoning from Experiences
July 11, 2009, Pasadena, California, USA


Reasoning from Experiences is a powerful concept that is utilized within
a range of AI technologies and across a variety of application domains
such as case-based reasoning, cognitive architectures, transfer learning
and recommender systems. The primary goal of this workshop is to provide
a forum for cross-fertilization of ideas developed independently within
different research communities in the context of reasoning from
experiences, for identifying critical issues and directions for
research, and for building bridges among these various research

Reasoning from experiences is a topic of interest to researchers
studying the following AI and related topic areas (among others):

- Learning: bayesian/statistical learning; instance-based learning;
reinforcement learning; statistical relational learning; transductive
inference; transfer learning.
- Knowledge: case-based problem solving and interpretation; cognitive
architectures; prototype-based classification; ontologies, languages,
and reasoning; reasoning with data provenance.
- Reasoning: computational analogy; episodic reasoning; fuzzy logic;
memory-based reasoning; meta-cognitive reasoning; model-based reasoning.

- Interaction: adaptive hypermedia; user modelling.
- Autonomy: ambient intelligence; autonomic computing; computer games;
- Society: experiences mining from text, multimedia, interaction;
opinion mining in social networks; recommender systems.
- Text: information extraction; natural language (e.g. generation, word
pronunciation); text reuse.
- Knowledge: biomedical systems; information logistics; intelligent
tutoring systems; plan replay; retrieval and reuse.

For more details visit  www.comp.rgu.ac.uk/docs/ijcai09/gcworkshop/

Submission deadline: March 6, 2009


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