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The Postgraduate European Master in Specialised Translation

The Department of Applied Language Studies of Lessius University College is one of the biggest in Europe and forms part of the Integrated Faculty of Arts of the Catholic University of Louvain, KU Leuven. The department has an excellent international reputation, both in the field of education and in that of scholarly research. Its excellence was further endorsed when in 2000 the department became a member of the CIUTI, the International Permanent Conference of University Institutes of Translators and Interpreters.

Within the specialized ‘translating for Europe’ programme, students choose between translation technology, audiovisual translation and localisation. Lessius University College runs various translation workshops within the programme. It also has a skills lab, equipped with the essential software tools for the specialized assignments involved. The skills lab is unique in Flanders and houses a genuine translation centre that also works with foreign partners.

The programme lecturers comprise translators and language technology experts with considerable national and international experience, as well as dyed in the wool business people.

Lessius University College is president of TermNet, is a member of LISA, runs various translation technology projects and is also a partner of Common Sense Advisory (CSA), TranslatorTraining, TILP, in that it coordinates the Certified Localisation Professional (CLP) programme. Lessius University College has become a member of the SDL TRADOS Certification University Program, which places it within a network of universities in the UK, Italy, Hungary, Australia, Spain and the USA.

The Postgraduate European Master in Specialized Translation is a programme taught both by experts from Lessius University College and by external experts working in education and in the translation and localization industry throughout Europe. The programme offers comprehensive training in and an in-depth understanding of translation and localization issues and tools. Participants learn how to master the major tools used by professional translators and localizers, learn about workflow management and audiovisual translation and become competent in developing new ideas and practices in the rapidly growing field of translation technologies and specialized translation. Participants are also given the opportunity to apply their knowledge through an internship in a company or institution.

The programme is designed for towards students and professionals who want to learn about localization, translation technology and specialized translation issues, or to deepen their knowledge in these areas. Previous knowledge is not required for programme participants, though some basic knowledge is recommended for some courses (see the individual descriptions of the courses at www.lessius.eu). Participants who wish to follow the complete programme should hold a Master’s Degree (minimum 240 ECTS). Those participants wishing to follow specific courses only are required to hold Bachelor's Degree.

1. Introduction to Translation Technologies
2. Introduction to Terminology
3. Audiovisual Translation
4. Multilingual Workflow Management
5. Website Localization
6. Research in Translation Technologies
7. Software Localization
8. Computational linguistics; in Dutch)[fs1]
9. Translation workshops (in Dutch[fs2])

+ Internship

Each course comprises both theoretical and practical aspects of the topics dealt with. A number of sessions include exercises, which can be continued individually at home or by using the Lessius University College infrastructure.

Participants receive printed and digital documentation as reference material and for preparing exercises and exams.

All courses are offered in the first semester, thus allowing those participants following the full programme to complete their internship in the second semester. These participants are required to follow at least five courses in the first semester. At least three of these courses should be taken from courses 1 to 8 listed in the previous section. Consequently, when following five courses, these participants can follow a maximum of two translation workshops.

In principle each course is taught on a weekly basis, on a fixed weekday, either in blocks of 2 or 4 hours (between 8.30 and 17.30). The sessions take place in the course of a 13-week semester. Depending on the course (number of hours and speakers), there may not be a session each week. 

The programme is taught in English, with the exception of the course Computerlinguïstiek (computational linguistics) and the translation workshops, which are taught in Dutch.

Assessment and certification
6 ECTS are assigned to each course, through evaluation on practical exercises, papers or exams. Successful candidates are awarded a certificate for each course.

The certificate of the Postgraduate European Master in Specialized Translation (60 ECTS) is awarded to any participant who meets the following three requirements:

1. You hold at least a Master’s degree (240 ECTS).
2. You have completed at least five courses during the first semester, which amount to a total of 30 ECTS.
3. You have completed an internship in a company or institution during the second semester (30 ECTS).

The courses are taught at the Department of Applied Language Studies, Sint-Andriesstraat 2, 2000
Antwerpen (Belgium), except for part one course, i.e. Computerlinguïstiek (computational linguistics), which is taught at the KU Leuven, Faculteit Letteren, Blijde-Inkomststraat 21, 3000 Leuven (Belgium). 

The enrolment fee for the complete programme (five courses + internship) amounts to € 1,250. 

Those wishing to follow additional courses are required to pay an extra € 250 per course.
Those not following the complete programme who wish to enrol for specific course are also required to pay € 250 per course. 

A Word file with the enrolment form can be downloaded from the Lessius University College web page [www.lessius.eu > http://www.lessius.eu/tt/stk/tt_postgraduatettl.aspx].

Application deadline: 15 September 2009

Contact persons

Information on the programme

Mr. Tom Vanallemeersch
Department of Applied Language Studies
Sint-Andriesstraat 2
2000 Antwerpen
Tel: +32 3 206 04 91
	tom.vanallemeersch at lessius.eu

Administration and internship:

Ms. Karen Foelen
Department of Applied Language Studies
Sint-Andriesstraat 2
2000 Antwerpen
Tel +32 3 206 04 85
Fax +32 3 206 04 99
karen.foelen at lessius.eu


[www.lessius.eu] > [http://www.lessius.eu/tt/stk/documents/WEBSITE_specialized_translation_brochure.pdf]


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