[Elsnet-list] BMVA meeting on Facial Analysis and Animation call for participation

Gregor Hofer g.hofer at sms.ed.ac.uk
Thu Feb 19 15:06:39 CET 2009

Dear all,

Please forward the call to anyone that might be interested.

thank you.
Gregor Hofer

British Machine Vision Association and Society for Pattern Recognition

Call for Participation

Facial Analysis and Animation

One Day BMVA symposium at the School of Informatics, University of
Edinburgh, UK on June 10th, 2009

Chairs: Darren Cosker (Uni. of Bath), Gregor Hofer (Uni. of
Edinburgh), Michael Berger (Uni of Edinburgh), Nataliya Nadtoka (Uni.
of Surrey)

Facial animation is a broad and exciting area of research drawing on
multiple disciplines: computer graphics and animation provide the
means to render and display a face; computer vision can be used to
measure, interpret and decode facial actions; speech science is used
to determine how the face should move during speech; while psychology
can help provide the emotive human element of animation. However,
creating convincing facial animation is an exceptionally difficult
task due to our innate sensitivity to facial form and motion, each one
of us is an expert judge in deciding whether an  animation is
realistic or not.

In today's world, facial animation has more applications than ever
before: from video game characters to movie actor doubles, from
machine facial displays to psychological research stimuli.
The aim of this meeting is to bring together researchers and
practitioners interested in all aspects of facial animation and
related analysis. Submissions are invited in the following topic areas
but are not limited to:

- Image-based Acquisition of Facial Shape, Motion and Texture

- Facial Animation Using Example-Based Synthesis and Motion-Graph
Based Techniques

- Performance-Driven Animation and Expression Mapping

- Visual Speech Synthesis

- Animation of Non-Linguistic Behaviors and Vocalisations

- Perception of Facial Animation and the "Uncanny Valley"

- Photo and Non-Photorealistic Facial Rendering

Please submit an extended abstract of about one A4-sized page length
(no longer than 2 pages; PDF preferred). Send contributions by email
attachment (1Mb max please) to Darren Cosker
(D.P.Cosker at cs.bath.ac.uk) by Thursday April 30th, 2009.

A website for the symposium, including information on travel to the
venue and accommodation in Edinburgh, may be found at
Note that the meeting is free to BMVA members, but a charge of 20 GBP
is payable by non-members.

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