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Subject: 	ICT Proposers' Day 2009 - 22nd of January 2009 - Budapest
Date: 	Wed, 7 Jan 2009 09:36:33 +0100
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     I would like to invite you to the *ICT Proposers' Day 2009* taking
     place in Budapest, Hungary on the *22^nd of January 2009*. This one
     day event is a unique opportunity to reflect on the new ICT Work
     Programme for 2009-2010 in the 7^th Framework Programme for R&D, as
     well as to build quality partnerships in the attractive ambience of
     Budapest.*    ***

     *Network and obtain information at the same
     time!                                               __*

     The ICT Proposers' Day 2009 will be the perfect platform for you to
     meet researchers with similar or complementary research interest to
     form project consortia for participating in the new ICT Work
     Programme for 2009-2010. In addition, this event will be the sole
     occasion after the ICT 2008 Event in Lyon to obtain information on
     the challenges and objectives of the new Work Programme from more
     than 100 Commission officials.

     / /

     *Prepare in advance on the website of the event!*__

     Take a full advantage of the virtual networking opportunities
     provided through the ICT Proposers' Day homepage to make the best
     out of the event:

     â?¢         Alert other visitors about your proposal idea or your
     research expertise and competencies by expressing your interest in
     participating in FP7 ICT calls for proposals as a potential project
     leader or a partner.

     â?¢         In order to present your proposal idea at the event,
     submit a short presentation up to 19^th of January 2009 at 12:00

     â?¢         Post comments on each Objective page and participate in
     an open discussion with other proposers to develop your contacts and
     make appointments in advance of the event.

     Register *free of charge* on the website of the event!

     *http://ec.europa.eu/ictproposersday**_ _***

     * *

     We would be grateful, if you could forward this letter to all your
     contacts who might be interested in participating in the event! Do
     not hesitate to use the attached electronic version of our poster,
     flyer and logo on websites, in newsletters and in any other
     publicity material.

     In addition, please make sure that ICT Proposers' Day will be
     mentioned in every relevant conference and workshop related to FP7.

     Thank you for your co-operation and for further information, please
     contact us via e-mail*:*

     *_INFSO-ICTPROPOSERSDAY at ec.europa.eu
     <mailto:INFSO-ICTPROPOSERSDAY at ec.europa.eu>___*

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