[Elsnet-list] GEAF09 - Accepting demo session requests

Marianne Santaholma Marianne.Santaholma at unige.ch
Thu Jun 4 09:32:58 CEST 2009

*** ACCEPTING DEMO SESSION REQUESTS. Submission deadline June 8, 2009. ***

  Workshop on Grammar Engineering Across Frameworks - GEAF2009

       on August 6 at the ACL/IJCNLP 2009 Conference, Singapore


- Workshop Topics:

    This workshop aims to bring together grammar engineers from 
different frameworks to compare research and methodologies, particularly 
around the themes of evaluation, modularity, maintainability, relevance 
to theoretical and computational linguistics, and applications of "deep" 
grammars to real-world domains and NLP tasks.

    Recent years have seen the development of techniques and resources 
to support robust, deep grammatical analysis of natural language in 
real-world domains and applications. The demands of these types of tasks 
have resulted in significant advances in areas such as parser 
efficiency, hybrid statistical/symbolic approaches to disambiguation, 
and the acquisition of large-scale lexicons. The effective acquisition, 
development, maintenance and enhancement of grammars is a central issue 
in such efforts, and the size and complexity of realistic grammars makes 
these tasks extremely challenging; indeed, these tasks are often tackled 
in ways that have much in common with software engineering. This 
workshop aims to bring together grammar engineers from different 
frameworks --- for example LFG, HPSG, TAG, CCG, dependency grammar --- 
to compare their research and methodologies.

- Demo Session:
The demo session is meant to allow grammar engineers to describe and 
demonstrate implemented grammar-based applications and tools, their 
design, development, functionality etc. in an interactive setting.
Demo session will comprise a "quick fire"  presentation of each demo 
after which the workshop participants have time to check out the demos 
Submission of demo requests:

The requests should contain a one page description of the demo.
All demo requests must be submitted via the START system at:
Please submit pdf (not Word).
Demo session requests will not be published in the proceedings but will 
be listed in the program.

- Important Dates:

    Demo session requests due:         8 June, 2009
    ACL-IJCNLP 2009 Workshops:         6 Aug, 2009

- Programme Committee:

  * Emily Bender, Washington
  * Miriam Butt, Konstanz
  * John Carroll, Sussex
  * Stephen Clark, Oxford
  * Ann Copestake, Cambridge
  * Berthold Crysmann, Bonn
  * Mary Dalrymple, Oxford
  * Stefanie Dipper, Bochum
  * Dan Flickinger, Stanford
  * Josef van Genabith, Dublin
  * Julia Hockenmaier, Illinois
  * Ron Kaplan, Powerset
  * Montserrat Marimon, Barcelona
  * Gertjan van Noord, Groningen
  * Yusuke Miyao, Tokyo
  * Jun'ichi Tsujii, Tokyo / Manchester

- Organizers and Contacts for Inquiries:

  * Tracy Holloway King, Microsoft / Powerset: Tracy.King at microsoft.com
  * Marianne Santaholma, Geneva University: Marianne.Santaholma at unige.ch

 For more general information about the workshop see: 

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