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Jonathan Ginzburg jonathan.ginzburg at kcl.ac.uk
Tue Jun 30 13:11:39 CEST 2009

   				  [Apologies for cross-postings]

We are happy to announce the launch of a new international journal,

		       *Dialogue and Discourse*

*Dialogue and Discourse* reflects the surge of interest in the
analysis of language `beyond the single sentence', in discourse (i.e.,
text, monologue) and dialogue, from a formal, computational, or
experimental perspective, as reflected in the wide range of work
presented at the SEMDIAL and SIGDIAL conferences
(http://www.illc.uva.nl/semdial/ ; http://www.sigdial.org/ ) and
various other forums. *Dialogue and Discourse* will be the first
journal devoted to a wide dissemination of such work.

Our aim is to publish
* the best research in the area of dialogue and discourse (as
   specified in our Aims and Scope,
    http://www.dialogue-and-discourse.org/aims.html )
* in a timely fashion (we are committed to achieving a mean time
   between submission and decision of 3 months)
* open to interested readers everywhere (open access, online).

We are part of the ejournal initiative of the Linguistic Society of
America ( http://elanguage.net/home.php ).

Articles will be published online as soon as they have been
accepted. Each year, a (hardcopy) volume, collecting all articles of
the year will be published by CSLI Publications, Stanford.

The journal can be found in the following two sites, each of which
provides immediate access to a submission portal and to available
* http://elanguage.net/journals/index.php/dad/index
* http://www.dialogue-and-discourse.org

As with any journal, the two most important resources are its
contributors and its readers. The journal is open for submissions and
we urge you to consider submitting your work on any topic relevant to
Dialogue and Discourse. Our first articles should start appearing
within the next two months.

Jonathan Ginzburg, for
The Managing Editors

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