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Please distribute this Call for Participation.

       WCCE 2009 - 9th IFIP World Conference on Computers in Education

                 July 27 to 31,2009
               Bento Gonçalves, Brazil

Call for Participation

The Organizing Committee of WCCE 2009 - 9th IFIP World Conference on  
Computers in Education is pleased to invite you to attend the event,  
which occurs from July 27th to 31st, 2009, at FUNDAPARQUE Events  
Center in Bento Gonçalves, RS, Brazil.

WCCE is an open conference of IFIP (International Federation for  
Information Processing), organized by Federal University of Rio Grande  
do Sul, Federal University of Santa Catarina, in cooperation with the  
Brazilian Computer Society (SBC).

This is the first time the conference takes place in Latin America,  
with an important space for discussion and keeping up with what is and  
has been researched in the area. During the event, besides keynotes  
cited below, there will be over 100 technical articles presentation,  
with the participation of over 30 different countries.

The Keynotes confirmed for the event are:

*PhD Troy Cline
Title: Action Centers for Engaged Learning. Country: United States.  
Institution: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, member of the team of  
NASA?s Sun-Earth Connection Education Forum.

*PhD Riichiro Mizoguchi
Title: When Computer Understands Learning and Instructional Theories.  
Country: Japan. Institution: University of Osaka.

*PhD Helder Manuel Ferreira Coelho
Title: Teaching AI with Learning in Mind. Country: Portugal.  
Institution: University of Lisbon.

PhD Fredric Michael Litto
Title: Brazilian Research on Distance Learning: A State-of-the-Art  
Study. Country: Brazil. Institution: Brazilian Association of Distance  
Education (ABED).

PhD Bernard Cornu
Title: TC3 - ICT and Education. Country: France. Institution: Centre  
National d'Enseignement à Distance (CNED).

MSc Guilherme Canela de Godoi
Title: UNESCO and Education. Country: Brazil. Institution: UNESCO, Brasilia.

The purpose of the event is to provide a broad forum for scientific  
and academic debate, and enable the integration among government,  
schools, businesses, and academia in the area of ICT. Therefore, it is  
expected to bring together the community of Latin America who works in  
the area of Information Technology applied to education, contributing  
to the development and dissemination of the basis for integration of  
technology in education in the best possible way. This will be  
possible gathering government, schools, businesses and academia, in  
the same environment, creating a space for dissemination of  
technology, technological development and business in the area of ICT.

Whereas the activities developed during the last WCCEs and the current  
moment, it is expected that the themes of WCCE 2009 will be part of  
the following topics:

     1. ICT and education to reduce hunger, poverty and human misery.
     2. ICT and education for social and technology inclusion and  
promotion of citizenship and political awareness.
     3. ICT and education to reduce violence within and among countries.
     4. ICT and education for sustainable economic growth.
     5. ICT and education to environmental preservation.
     6. ICT and education to achieve the full human potential.

On 07/28/09, during the event, Latin American Day (LAD) will happen, a  
moment devoted to discussing the mobility of students, teachers and  
researchers in Latin America. The main theme of LAD is the Treaty of  
Bologna, which is seeking to unify the curriculum of computer courses  
throughout Latin America. It is now important to involve all National  
Education Institutions in order to meet and discuss the theme, always  
seeking excellence in teaching and research.

It is worth emphasizing that the main lectures will be transmitted via  
videoconference and the others will remain available for further  
consulting. Your institution can apply to participate of this  

Further information can be found on the page of the event  
(www.wcce2009.org), by email  
(giharada at ig.com.br/martabez at feevale.br/silviameirelles at gmail.com) or  
phone (51) 3308-4504/(51) 9351-7930.

Looking forward to have your presence in WCCE 2009, we await  
confirmation and put ourselves at disposal for additional details.

We ask the kindness of spreading this to all teachers and students  
from Information Technology and Education courses, and in particular,  
to its coordinators.

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