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EuropeComm 2009 -- The First International ICST Conference on Communications Infrastructure, Systems and Applications in Europe
11 - 13 August 2009, London, UK

Keynote: European Union and the Future Internet
by Paulo T. de Sousa
Head of Sector, Internet of the Future, Directorate-General Information Society, European Commission

Sponsored by ICST
Technically co-sponsored by CREATE-NET and Swansea University


Rapidly decreasing costs of computational power, storage capacity, and communication bandwidth have led to the development of multitude of applications carrying increasingly huge amount of traffic on the global networking infrastructure. What we have seen is an evolution: an infrastructure looking for networked applications has evolved into an infrastructure struggling to meet the social, technological and business challenges posed by multitude of bandwidth hungry emerging applications.

Developments in optical communication technologies have shown potential of meeting technological challenges for bandwidth demands. Various solutions have been proposed so far for the discrete parts of the optical network infrastructure, however the most fundamental challenge at this point of optical networking evolution, apart from enhancing these solutions and inventing novel ones, is to combine these parts under a unified control and management framework. Although wireless technologies have undergone massive improvements, wireless is far from meeting mobility, bandwidth and other QoS challenges posed by the current and future applications and services. With an increasing number of collocated personal, local and cellular wireless communication systems the questions of optimum coexistence and inter-networking are raised. 

While bandwidth, mobility and QoS requirements for many existing applications are on the rise, new applications and services are emerging, such as in healthcare and transportations sectors. These emerging services are making the design space for infrastructure developers even more challenging. 

We organize a Symposium on Communications encompassing mobile, optical and converged technologies as well as services and applications. We have identified two key application themes of these technologies for the discussions during the event. These are Intelligent Transportation Systems and Healthcare services. We also foresee Future Internet Infrastructure and Services, Open Architectures and Innovation Processes as the key cross-cutting subjects for the symposium.

The event will bring together decision makers from the EU commission, top researchers and industry executives to discuss directions of communications research and development in Europe. Also, the symposium will attract academia and industry representatives, as well as government officials to discuss the current development and future trends in technology, applications and services in the communications field.

You are invited to submit full papers using the Assyst submission system (http://assyst-online.org:8080/submission/welcome.do) comprising original unpublished work relevant to the conference themes. 

	+ Communication Systems - Broadband Networks; Heterogeneous Networks; Cognitive and Reconfigurable Networks; Converged Optical-Wireless Networks; Ad hoc and hybrid Networks

	+ Optical Communications and Networking - WDM Systems; Radio over Fiber; Broadband access

	+ Wireless Communications - WLAN; WiMAX, 3G and 4G systems; Radio Resource Management; Cognitive radio; Self-X solutions; UWB

	+ Intelligent Transportation System - Traveller Information Systems; Telecommunications in Transportation; Vehicular Networks (VANETs); Transport Data Modelling, Fusion and Analysis; Safety and multimedia applications over VANETs; Middleware; Grid infrastructure and services for ITS

	+ Healthcare - Telecommunications in Healthcare; Sensor Networks; Healthcare Computing and Information Systems; Grid Architectures and Services; Emerging applications and systems; Modelling tools and methods; Middleware

	+ Crosscutting Themes - Internet Technologies, Infrastructure, Services and Applications;  Open Source Tools, Open Models and Architectures; Security, Privacy and Trust; use of Navigation Systems, Location Based Services; Social Networks and Online Communities; ICT Convergence and Digital Economy

The submitted papers will be reviewed by at least three technical program committee members. The conference proceedings will be published by Springer (http://www.springer.com/) and ICST (http://www.icst.org/) as part of the Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social-Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering (LNICST) (http://www.europecomm.org/authors.shtml) and will be available through Springer’s digital library (http://www.springerlink.com/) for worldwide access. Extended versions of best papers of the conference will be considered for publication in a Journal Special Issue.

Important Dates
Paper submission due: 25 March 2009
Notification date: 1 May 2009
Camera-ready due: 20 May 2009
Conference Dates: 11-13 August 2009

Steering Committee
Prof. Imrich Chlamtac, CREATE-NET
Dr. Rashid Mehmood, Swansea University, UK
Dr. Radoslaw Piesiewicz, CREATE-NET

Organizing Committee
Dr. Rashid Mehmood, Swansea University, UK
Dr. Radoslaw Piesiewicz, CREATE-NET

Conference Co-Chair
Dr. Rashid Mehmood, Swansea University, UK

Technical Program Committee
Prof Iain Buchan, University of Manchester, UK - Helathcare
Prof. Azeem Majeed, Imperial College London, UK - Healthcare
Peter Stoker, General Motors Europe Engineering - Intelligent Transportation Systems

Publication Chairs
Dr. Eduardo Cerqueira, University of Coimbra, Portugal
Dr. Rashid Mehmood, Swansea University, UK

Industry Liaison:
Patrick Bond, ICST

Conference Coordinator
Beatrix Ransburg, ICST

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