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Pervasive Health 2009

3rd International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare 2009

April 1-3, 2009
London, UK
City University of London


Sponsored by ICST.
In technical cooperation with ACM SIGCHI. 
Technically co-sponsored by CREATE-NET, IEEE, IEEE EMBS, IMIA. 
Special sponsor: Nokia.

After the successful first and second years of the conference, the Organizing Committee is please to announce the Third International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare.
The conference aims to gather together experts contributing towards the development and application of human-centered pervasive and ubiquitous computing technology for healthcare and wellness. We seek novel, innovative, and exciting work in areas including but not limited to:

Design and evaluation of patient- and ambient-related sensors
Wearable and implantable sensor integration
Sensor networks for pervasive healthcare
Data fusion in pervasive healthcare environments
Physiological models for interpreting medical sensor data
Decision support algorithms for sensor analysis

User needs
* Usability and acceptability issues
* Social implications
* Coverage and delivery of pervasive healthcare services
* Diversity of patients and their specific requirements
* Telemedicine

* Clinical applications, validation and evaluation studies
* Pervasive healthcare applications for citizen for chronic disease management & health risk management
* Health promotion, and disease prevention
* Wearable, ambient and home based health and wellness measurement and monitoring technologies
* Continuous vs event-driven monitoring of patients in diverse environments
* Feedback

Management of pervasive healthcare
* Business cases and cost issues
* Electronic citizen-managed health records
* Security and privacy in pervasive healthcare
* Training of healthcare professional for pervasive healthcare
* Legal and regulatory issues in pervasive healthcare
* Insurance payments and cost aspects
* Standards and interoperability in pervasive healthcare
* Using mobile devices for healthcare information storage, update, and transmission

Apart from the main technical session the conference will include a keynote speech by Prof. Dr. med. Elisabeth Steinhagen-Thiessen, as well as five workshops as follows:

* 2009 International Workshop on Technologies to Counter Cognitive Decline (TCCD)
* 2009 International Workshop on Wireless Pervasive Healthcare (WiPH)
* Situation Recognition and Medical Data Analysis in Pervasive Health Environments (PervaSense09)
* Connectivity, Mobility and Patients' Comfort (CMPC)
* Designing with Care (DwC09)


Organizing Committee:

General Chair:
Gerhard Troester, ETHZ
Program Co-Chairs:
Kay Connelly, Indiana University
Bert Arnrich, ETHZ

Steering Committee:

Imrich Chlamtac, Create-NET
Oscar Mayora, Create-NET

Registration and additional information is available at:

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