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SIGIR 2009 is pleased to announce its slate of post-conference  
workshops to be held Wednesday, July 23rd, in Boston Massachusetts.   
Detailed information about the workshops, including pointers to their  
individual web sites, calls for papers, and so on, is available athttp://sigir2009.org/Program/workshops 
The Future of Information Retrieval Evaluation.  How can IR  
evaluations be made more "realistic" in light of new tasks, dynamic  
content, collaborative efforts, and multilingual information sources?
Information Access in a Multilingual World: Transitioning from  
Research to Real-World Applications.  What are realistic success  
predictors for multilingual technologies such as search,  
summarization, filtering, etc.?
Information Retrieval and Advertising.  New research in computational  
advertising, particularly on the use of IR techniques combined with  
statistical modeling, machine learning, large-scale data processing,  
optimization, microeconomics, and human-computer interaction.
Large-Scale Distributed Systems for Information Retrieval (LSDS-IR  
2009).  Addressing scalability issues surrounding increasing numbers  
of user requests and indexable pages given that data centers cannot  
grow indefinitely.
Learning to Rank for Information Retrieval.  How to use training data  
to construct a ranking model for search, summarization, and other tasks.
Redundancy, Diversity, and Interdependent Document Relevance.  How can  
ranking, performance assessment, and learning to rank move beyond the  
assumption that the relevance of documents in a ranking is independent?
Search in Social Media (SSM 2009).  How should we search in social  
media?  What are the needs of users, and models of those needs,  
specific to social media search?  How does search interact with  
existing uses of social media?
Understanding the user - Logging and interpreting user interactions in  
information search and retrieval.  Bringing together researchers from  
IR as well as human-computer interaction to explore promising research  
directions with respect to logging, interpreting, integrating, and  
using feedback data.
Please consider submitting papers to or attending these workshops.  http://sigir2009.org/Program/workshops 
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