[Elsnet-list] Call for Papers: GSCL 2009

Manfred Stede stede at ling.uni-potsdam.de
Thu Mar 19 15:10:49 CET 2009

GSCL 2009 # 2nd Call for Papers

In 2009, the Conference of the German Society for Computational  
Linguistics and Language Technology is hosted by the Applied  
Computational Linguistics group in the Dept. of Linguistics at Potsdam  
University. The Meeting will consist of a main conference track as  
well as a series of workshops (see the list at the conference website).

Date and Venue: Sep 30-Oct 2, 2009; University of Potsdam campus  
"Neues Palais"
Website: http://www.ling.uni-potsdam.de/acl-lab/gscl09/

Main Conference Theme: Steps Toward Text Meaning - Aspects of  
Automatic Processing

Contributions to any topic related to Computational Linguistics and  
Language Technology are invited, but we especially encourage  
submissions that are related to the main theme. "Steps toward text  
meaning" are research efforts that move beyond sentence processing and  
touch upon text meaning, on different levels of description. This  
- Deriving logical document structure
- Coreference: resolution of pronouns, definite NPs, etc.
- Thematic development
- Illocutions, discourse purposes, and their role in text structure
- Event structure and its temporal progression
- Coherence relations and rhetorical structure
- Text tiling,e.g. based on lexical cohesion.
- Methods of semantic indexing of corpora
- Named-entity recognition
- Word-sense disambiguation
- Textual entailment
- Text generation: document planning, choice of referring expressions,  
- Further applications operating with text meaning:
- Classification of text type and genre
- Information retrieval
- Question-answering
- Summarization


The conference languages are German and English - papers can be  
submitted and talks
given in either of the two languages. Three types of submission are  
- Regular talk (with paper in conference proceedings): Submission of a  
full paper
- Poster (with paper in conference proceedings): Submission of a short  
- System demo: Submission of an abstract
Submissions must be in PDF format and have to be submitted via  

The proceedings are being published by Gunter Narr Verlag (Tuebingen) as
a book that will be ready for the conference.

Layout of full papers and short papers (for posters): Papers are  
reviewed anonymously;
please make sure that authors are not identifiable from the paper.  
Each paper should start with a short abstract. Length should not  
exceed 8 pages for full papers, and 4 pages for short papers  
(excluding bibliography) using 11pt font.
File Format: PDF only

For accepted contributions, a final version (max. 8/4 pages) has to be  
prepared in accordance with a style guide, and submitted by July 17th  

Layout of abstracts for system demo: An anonymous submission is not  
required. System descriptions should include specifications of  
technical prerequisites for the presentation.
Length should not exceed 3 pages with font size 11pt, excluding  
File format: PDF only

Important dates:

April 15th 2009: Submission of contributions (presentations, posters,  
system demos).
May 30th 2009: Notification of acceptance
July 17th 2009: Submission of camera-ready papers for publication in  
the conference proceedings


Conference chair: Prof. Dr. Manfred Stede
Organizing committee: Christian Chiarcos, Peter Kolb, Florian Kuhn

Program Committee:

Maja Baerenfaenger (Giessen)
Stefan Busemann (Saarbruecken)
Irene Cramer (Dortmund)
Stefanie Dipper (Bochum)
Anette Frank (Heidelberg)
Roland Hausser (Erlangen-Nuernberg)
Wolfgang Hoeppner (Duisburg-Essen)
Claudia Kunze (Tuebingen)
Lothar Lemnitzer (Berlin / Tuebingen)
Henning Lobin (Giessen)
Alexander Mehler (Frankfurt)
Georg Rehm (Berlin)
David Schlangen (Potsdam)
Thomas Schmidt (Hamburg)
Ulrich Schmitz (Essen)
Roman Schneider (Mannheim)
Bernhard Schroeder (Duisburg-Essen)
Uta Seewald-Heeg (Koethen)
Angelika Storrer (Dortmund)
Maik Stuehrenberg (Bielefeld)
Andreas Witt (Mannheim)
Christian Wolf (Regensburg)
Heike Zinsmeister (Konstanz)

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