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Call Deadline: 05-Apr-2009

Meeting Description:

This RaAM (Researching and Applying Metaphor) endorsed colloquium is a
of 'Corpus Linguistics 2009' and constitutes the fourth in a series of
or colloquia on corpus-based approaches to figurative language that have
accompanied the biennial Corpus Linguistics conferences. This year's
broad theme
will be the use corpora to explore variation and variability in metaphor.

Call for Papers

Since the inception of the biennial Corpus Linguistics Conferences in
2001, we
have held an accompanying workshop/colloquium on Corpus-Based
Approaches to
Figurative Language. We are continuing the tradition with the 5th Corpus
Linguistics Conference being held in Liverpool, UK, on the 20th-23rd


Our workshop/colloquium will be taking place on Monday the 20th and
this year we
are pleased to be able to say that the colloquium is being endorsed by
(Researching and Applying Metaphor) see http://www.raam.org.uk/Home.html

(See http://www.cs.bham.ac.uk/~amw/CorpusLinguistics05.html
<http://www.cs.bham.ac.uk/%7Eamw/CorpusLinguistics05.html> for details
of the last workshop and
for links to the papers)

This year the theme will be variation and variability in metaphor.
This is a
broad topic which could, for example, encompass papers looking at
variation in
particular types of metaphor, such as temporal metaphors, across
genres such as news items or personal blogs; degrees of entrenchment or
conventionality in metaphor, again possibly across different
and how to use a corpus to get at this information; the nature of mixed
metaphors; and other possibilities.

We therefore invite contributions to the colloquium, which will
consist of 30
minute papers with 10 minutes discussion plus a poster session
accompanied by
brief verbal introductions by the authors. There will also be a general
discussion period exploring the theme. Preference for the long papers
will be
given to papers exploring the theme, but we will also accept good papers
examining any aspect of figurative language from a corpus-based
since we believe that participants who have undertaken good
corpus-based studies
of a particular topic, but who have used only a single genre or corpus
may find
fruitful interaction with other participants who have investigated
topics but used different genre. Such interaction would by itself be an
important contribution to the theme of variety and variability.

The selection of papers/posters will be made on the basis of a two page
abstract, with references, tables and diagrams being permitted on an
extra page.
Abstracts may be submitted in either pdf or Microsoft Word or rtf,
with a font
size of 12 and a Times or Times New Roman font. Margins must be
reasonable so
that the abstracts can be printed without any problems.

Authors of successful papers will also be encouraged to write up their
as full 6-8 page papers for inclusion in the Colloquium Proceedings,
which will
be published as a University of Birmingham Technical Report with an
ISBN number
and made available at the colloquium. There will be no charge for these
proceedings for the participants. The papers will also be viewable
on-line prior
to the colloquium. No further reviewing will be made of these full

In the proceedings, there will be no distinction between papers and
However, for a paper presentation at the colloquium, preference will
be given to
submissions that adhere to the theme of variation and variability in
metaphor. A
paper presentation slot will also only be given to those authors who have
written up their abstracts as full papers.

Two page abstracts by Sunday the 5th of April.
Notification of acceptance: Monday the 13th of April.
Full paper versions by Sunday the 5th of July.

We apologise for the fairly short notice, but the deadline for early
registration at Corpus Linguistics is the 19th of April.

Please send abstracts to

Selection and Organising Committee:
Alan Wallington, John Barnden, Mark Lee (School of Computer Science,
of Birmingham)
Rosamund Moon, Jeanette Littlemore (School of English University of
Gill Philip (CILTA, Università degli Studi di Bologna)

Any enquiries may be addressed to Alan Wallington:

Kind Regards,

Alan Wallington
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