[Elsnet-list] INEX 2009 Question-answering Track (QA@INEX), call for participation

Xavier Tannier Xavier.Tannier at limsi.fr
Fri May 15 08:32:22 CEST 2009

In 2009, INEX evaluation campaign runs a *question-answering* & *answer 
aggregation* track (http://www.inex.otago.ac.nz/tracks/qa/qa.asp).
The INEX 2009 QA at INEX track aims to compare the performance of QA, 
XML/passage retrieval and automatic summarization systems on an 
encyclopedic resource like the Wikipedia. The track will consider two 
type of questions that extend queries considered in Ad-Hoc tasks. The 
first set will be *factual questions* which require a *single precise 
answer* to be found in the corpus if it exists. The second set will 
consists of more *complex questions* whose answers require the 
*aggregation* of several passages. The passages need not necessarily be 
in a single document, thus might involve multi-document answer 
aggregation. Participation of automatic summarization systems by passage 
extraction is therefore encouraged. This will be an opportunity to test 
XML/passage retrieval systems on advanced QA tasks.

As for the ad hoc track, we will use the INEX 2009 *Wikipedia* 
collection (without images). Each participating group will be asked to 
create a set of candidate questions, representative of a range of real 
user needs.

More information can be found on 

Important dates:
    - 1/Jun/2009 Declaration of intent
    - 15/Jun/2009 Submission deadline for candidate questions ; Result 
Submission Specification
    - 1/Jul/2009 Release of final set of questions
    - 31/Jul/2009 Submission deadline for Results (short and long answers)
    - 30/Sep/2009 Submission deadline for relevance assessments
    - 6-10/Dec/2009 INEX Workshop in Brisbane, Australia

Patrice Bellot, University of Avignon, patrice.bellot at univ-avignon.fr
Véronique Moriceau, LIMSI-CNRS, University Paris-Sud 11, moriceau at limsi.fr
Eric SanJuan, University of Avignon, eric.sanjuan at univ-avignon.fr
Xavier Tannier, LIMSI-CNRS, University Paris-Sud 11, xtannier at limsi.fr

Xavier Tannier
Université Paris-Sud 11
B.P. 133

http://www.limsi.fr/~xtannier/ <http://www.limsi.fr/%7Extannier/>
tel: 0033 (0)1 69 85 80 12
fax: 0033 (0)1 69 85 80 88

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