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------------------New book --------------------

Title : "Metaheuristics: from design to implementation"

Author: Prof. El-Ghazali Talbi (University of Lille, CNRS, INRIA)

Wiley 2009 (624pp),

ISBN: 978-0-470-27858-1

Enclosed the table of contents

A unified view of metaheuristics

Abstract: This book provides a complete background on metaheuristics and 
shows readers how to design and implement powerful search algorithms to 
solve complex optimization problems across a diverse range of 
optimization problems in science and industry. It presents the main 
design questions for all families of metaheuristics (e.g. 
representations, neighborhoods, parameter tuning, constraint handling, 
performance evaluation).

The key search components of metaheuristics are considered as a toolbox 
• Designing efficient single-solution based metaheuristics (e.g. local 
search, tabu search simulated annealing, GRASP, variable neighborhood 
search, iterative local search, guided local search).
• Designing efficient population based metaheuristics (e.g. evolutionary 
algorithms, scatter search, particle swarm, ant colonies, bee colonies, 
artificial immune systems, EDA, differential evolution).
• Designing efficient metaheuristics for multi-objective optimization.
• Designing hybrid, parallel and distributed metaheuristics.
• Implementing metaheuristics on sequential and parallel machines. It 
clearly illustrates how to implement algorithms to reuse both the design 
and code.

With more than 200 illustrative examples using various case studies and 
treating design and implementation independently, this book gives 
readers the skills necessary to solve large-scale problems quickly and 

It is a valuable reference for practicing engineers from diverse areas 
dealing with optimization; researchers and developers designing 
metaheuristics; and graduate or undergraduate students in business, 
management, computer science, operations research, engineering, and 
applied mathematics. More than 200 exercises are also provided.


Prof. El-Ghazali TALBI
University of Lille - INRIA - CNRS
http: www.lifl.fr/~talbi

------------------New book --------------------
"Metaheuristics: from design to implementation"
E-G. Talbi
Wiley 2009 (600pp)
ISBN: 978-0-470-27858-1

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