[Elsnet-list] SemEval 2010: Trial data available

Katrin Erk katrin.erk at mail.utexas.edu
Wed Oct 7 16:31:12 CEST 2009

-- Apologies for multiple postings --

Dear all,

it is our pleasure to announce the availability of the trial data for
the 2010 SemEval shared tasks. The SemEval page is located at


You find the trial data sets on the page


The purpose of Senseval is to evaluate semantic analysis systems.
SemEval-2010 will be the 5th workshop on semantic evaluation. It is
going to feature the following shared tasks:

#1      Coreference Resolution in Multiple Languages
#2      Cross-Lingual Lexical Substitution
#3      Cross-Lingual Word Sense Disambiguation
#4      VP Ellipsis - Detection and Resolution
#5      Automatic Keyphrase Extraction from Scientific Articles
#6      (cancelled)
#7      Argument Selection and Coercion
#8      Multi-Way Classification of Semantic Relations Between Pairs of Nominals
#9      Noun Compound Interpretation Using Paraphrasing Verbs
#10     Linking Events and their Participants in Discourse
#11     Event Detection in Chinese News Sentences
#12     Parser Training and Evaluation using Textual Entailment
#13     TempEval 2
#14     Word Sense Induction
#15     Infrequent Sense Identification for Mandarin Text to Speech Systems
#16     Japanese WSD
#17     All-words Word Sense Disambiguation on a Specific Domain (WSD-domain)
#18     Disambiguating Sentiment Ambiguous Adjectives

Best regards,
Carlo Strapparava & Katrin Erk

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