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Harry Bunt Harry.Bunt at uvt.nl
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Fifth Joint ISO-ACL/SIGSEM Workshop on Interoperable Semantic Annotation ISA-5 

Hong Kong, January 15-17, 2010 

in conjunction with ICGL 10, the International Conference on Global Interoperability 
for Language Resources, January 18-20

ISA-5 is the fifth edition of a series of joint workshops of the ACL SIGSEM 
Working Group "The Representation of Multimodal Semantic Information" 
(see http://let.uvt.nl/research/TI/sigsem/wg) and ISO TC 37/SC 4 
(Language Resources) WG 2: Annotation and representation schemes.

This workshop aims to bring together experts from ongoing and recent 
projects concerned with the annotation or representation of linguistic 
and amultimodal semantic information, and its relation to the analysis, 
interpretation and generation of text, speech, and multimodal 
communicative behaviour. 

The main focus of the workshop will be on approaches, experiences, 
experiments, problems, and proposals concerning the construction or 
application of interoperable semantically annotated linguistic resources, 
including (but not limited to) the following topics: 

*methodological aspects of semantic annotation
* experiments in or with semantic annotation
* semantic annotation and semantic interpretation
* semantic annotation, ontologies, and inferencing
* the semantics of semantic annotations
* issues in semantic annotation in specific domains:
* temporal entities and relations
* spatial entities and relations
* events
* communicative functions
* semantic roles and predicate-argument structures
* discourse relations 
* modification and quantification
* ... 
* integration of annotations across domains
* best practices in semantic annotation
* semantic annotation project reports
* reports and comments on recent, current, and planned ISO projects 
on developing semantic annotation standards:

* project 24617-1 Semantic Annotation Framework, Part 1: Time and events
* project 24617-2 Semantic Annotation Framework, Part 2: Dialogue acts
* project 24617-3 Semantic Annotation Framework, Part 3: Named entities 
(to start soon)
* ISO-Space (in preparation)
* ISO-Semantic roles (in preparation)

Two types of papers can be submitted: 

* long papers, maxmimally 8 pages
* short papers, maximally 4 pages

Members of the project teams or advisory boards of the ISO projects 
24617-1 and 24617-2 also have the possibility to submit commentaries 
of maximally 2 pages on the most recent versions of the documents 
describing these projects. 

All submissions should be in the ACL format - see 
and should be submitted through the ICGl 2010 website for paper 
submission -- see

Important dates 
* Submission deadline for long papers: 15 October EXTENDED TO 5 NOVEMBER
* Submission deadline for short papers: 5 November EXTENDED TO 15 NOVEMBER
* Submission deadline for commentaries: 25 November
* Notification of paper acceptance: 1 December
* Camera-ready papers due: 15 December 
* ISA-5 Workshop: January 15-17, 2009
* ICGL 2010 conference: January 18-20, 2009

Programme Committee
Jan Alexandersson
Branimir Boguraev (tbc)
Harry Bunt
Nicoletta Calzolari
Jean Carletta (tbc)
Jae-Woong Choe 
Katrin Erk
Alex Fang
Gil Francopoulo
Dafydd Gibbon
Koiti Hasida
Nancy Ide
Kiyong Lee
Martha Palmer
Andrei Popescu-Belis
James Pustejovsky 
Laurent Romary
David Traum 

Harry Bunt (Tilburg University)
Alex Fang (City University of Hong Kong)
Gil Francopoulo (Tagmatica, Paris))
Martha Palmer (University of Colorado)
James Pustejovsky (Brandeis University)

Registration is only possible in conjunction with the International
Conference on Global Interoperability for Language Resources (ICGL 2010): 
The registration fee for the ISA-5 workshop is US$ 50,00. 

For urgent questions contact Harry.Bunt at uvt.nl 
or Alex Fang at acfang at cityu.edu.hk

More information
For more information see the websites of the ISA-4 workshop: 
and that of the ICGl 2010 conference: 
which will be regularly updated.

Harry Bunt
Chair of Language and Information Science
Head, Department of Communication and Information Sciences
Tilburg University
phone +31 13 466 81 18
fax: +31 13 466 28 92
mail: bunt at uvt.nl
web: http://let.uvt.nl/general/people/bunt

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