[Elsnet-list] 2 PhD Positions in NLP at EML Research, Heidelberg, Germany

Michael Strube strube at eml.org
Thu Oct 15 14:21:19 CEST 2009

Two positions for PhD students are available in the Natural Language
  Processing Group at EML Research in Heidelberg, Germany

(1) One position for a PhD student is available within a project
dealing with multi-lingual content synchronization in Wikis. The
project is funded by the European Commission for three years starting
March 2010. The student will be working on issues related to topic
segmentation and discourse structure in parallel multi-lingual Wikis
and Wikipedia (see http://www.eml-research.de/nlp for our previous
research on Wikipedia).

(2) One PhD scholarship (salary EUR 1280/month, taxfree) is available
for a student working in the areas of Natural Language Generation
(Text-to-text generation, automatic summarization) or Sentiment
Analysis/Opinion Mining. Different topics may be possible as long as
they are within the general interests of the NLP group (semantics,
pragmatics, discourse, generation, see http://www.eml-research.de/nlp).
The scholarship will be granted initially for two years with the
possibility for a one year extension after successful evaluation.

Both candidates should have a strong background in computational
linguistics and possess a Masters or a Diploma degree in either
computational linguistics, computer science, or linguistics with a
specialization in Natural Language Processing. Experience with machine
learning and corpus-based methods and knowledge about statistics is a
plus. Strong Java programming skills are required.

EML Research gGmbH is a private non-profit research laboratory
dedicated to basic and applied research in IT with a focus on
bioinformatics and natural language processing. The NLP group is an
interdisciplinary research group that works on applications in the
area of discourse and dialogue, in particular coreference resolution,
lexical semantics, text generation, automatic summarization, and
knowledge extraction from semistructured input (see

The NLP group at EML Research works closely together with the
Computational Linguistics Department at the University of
Heidelberg. PhD students will participate in a jointly organized PhD

To apply, please send your CV           Inquiries should be addressed to:
before November 15, 2009 to:

Prof. Dr. Andreas Reuter                 Dr. Michael Strube
Scientific and Managing Director         Email: strube at eml-research.de
EML Research gGmbH                       http://www.eml-research.de/~strube
EMLR09 2009
Schloss-Wolfsbrunnenweg 33
69118 Heidelberg

Email: baerbel.mack at eml-r.villa-bosch.de

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