[Elsnet-list] vacancies for 1 Associate Professor & 2 Tenure Track Positions at Tilburg university (Netherlands)

M. Swerts M.G.J.Swerts at uvt.nl
Thu Oct 22 16:13:50 CEST 2009

Dear colleagues

At Tilburg University, we are seeking for 3 new people in the department of Communication and Information Science of the Humanities Faculty. Information on these 3 vacancies are given below,

Marc Swerts


Tilburg University 

Tilburg University is a modern university specialized in human and social sciences. It is characterized by high-quality teaching and research and, nationwide, has been among top-ranking institutions for many years. The University offers good support facilities to its students and employees, as well as excellent fringe benefits.  

Department of Communication and Information Sciences (DCI)

The department DCI has about 60 members and is responsible for a flourishing academic programme in Communication and Information Sciences (CIW) that annually attracts about 100 Bachelor students, 100 Pre-master and 120 Master students. The department is also co-responsible for the Research Master programme Language and Communication. For more information, see www.tilburguniversity.nl/faculties/humanities/dci/.

Research in the department centers on cognitive, multimodal, computer-mediated and interpersonal aspects of communication and discourse, and on the study of computer vision, data mining and computer games from a knowledge-representation and cognitive perspective. There is a strong emphasis on experimental work and interdisciplinary cooperation. The department hosts a newly established research centre: the Tilburg Centre for Creative Computing (TiCC). 

For the Department of Communication and Information Sciences we are looking for three enthusiastic and competent colleagues; 

0.9-1.0 fte, vacancy number 500.09.31

0.8 - 1.0 fte, vacancy number 500.09.32

Context of the vacancies

The positions arise out of the increasing number of students in the academic programme CIW –especially in the tracks ‘Business Communication and Digital Media’ (BDM) and ‘Text and Communication’ (TC) – and also of the growing success in acquiring external funding. With the new staff members we intend to manage the growing number of students by bringing in new angles in the CIW bachelor and master programme. At the same time, we aim at reinforcing research in the Department, in the areas of discourse, cognition, business communication, communication technology and in promising interfaces between them.
The positions are not a priori allocated to specific areas. Instead, we invite candidates with the following areas of interest and expertise (and their interplay) to apply for the positions.

•	discourse (e.g. document design, multimodality, text analysis, stylistics, pragmatics)
•	communication (non verbal aspects, emotion, learning, training, business communication)
•	web science (text analytics, user interface design, discourse modeling, opinion mining, subjectivity/sentiment classification, stylometrics).


The tasks cover research, teaching and management (Associate professor: 35% research and 65% teaching and management; tenure track positions: 50% research and 50% teaching).
•	Teaching and developing courses (in Dutch or English) in the Bachelor and (Research) Master programme of Communication and Information Sciences (CIW), particularly in the tracks BDM and TC. See www.tilburguniversity.nl/faculties/humanities/education/ 
•	Carrying out research in the research programmes of the department. 
•	Supervising Bachelor and Master theses.
•	Carrying out managerial and organizational tasks, on the level of the department and the faculty. 
•	Initiatives in acquiring external research funds. 


Candidates must hold a PhD in one of the following disciplines: discourse studies, linguistics, communication and information science, cognitive science, business communication, psychology, sociology or another relevant discipline. 

Recommended (depending on the profile):

•	Experience in developing and teaching Bachelor and (Research) Master courses.
•	Familiarity with new media as a means of communication, a didactic tool and a research tool.
•	Sound knowledge of and experience with quantitative methods and research techniques, and statistical data analysis.
•	Expertise in setting up, conducting, and analysing experiments (preferably eyetracking) with the use of software tools (such as E-Prime, NESU, Presentation, Experiment Builder, etc.) 
•	Relevant research experience, as evidenced through a significant publication record in high-ranking (international) journals. 
•	Associate Professor candidates have more academic experience, i.e., an excellent publication record, recognition as excellent researcher in the field, successful record in acquiring project grants and contract research, academic management skills.  


For more information on this position, please contact prof. dr. Alfons Maes, head of department (maes at uvt.nl, +31134662058).  

Terms of employment

Tilburg University is rated among the top Dutch employers, offering excellent terms of employment. The collective labor agreement of Tilburg University applies. In specific cases, overseas candidates may apply for a tax-free allowance equal to 30% of their taxable salary.
•	The associate professor candidate will be ranked in the Dutch university job ranking system (UFO) as “universitair hoofddocent” in salary scale 13 with a starting salary of minimally € 4.428,-- gross per month on a fulltime basis. The selected candidate will start on a two-year contract, to be concluded by an evaluation. Upon a positive outcome of the evaluation, the candidate will be offered a permanent (tenured) position.
•	The tenure track positions will be ranked in the Dutch university job ranking system (UFO) as “universitair docent” in salary scale 11 with a starting salary of € 3.195,-- gross per month on a fulltime basis, entailing a 5 year period, devided into 2 separate contracts, starting with a two-year contract. Upon a positive evaluation of teaching activities within the first 2 years, it leads to an extension of the tenure track with 3 more years. The division of tasks is 50% teaching and 50% research. After 4 years of employment, a dual evaluation will take place on quality of the candidate (teaching and research) and on the financial long term plan of the faculty and the department. Upon a positive outcome of the dual evaluation, the candidate will be offered a permanent position. The research and teaching expectations to be met by the appointed candidate during the tenure track will be discussed and will become an integral part of the contract.  


Applications should include a cover letter and a Curriculum Vitae.  
Applications should be sent before the application deadline of November 30, 2009, by email to solliciterenGW at uvt.nl, or by regular mail to Human Resources attn mr. P. van Balen, Tilburg School of Humanities, Room D302, Tilburg University, P.O. Box 90153, NL-5000 LE Tilburg, The Netherlands. In your letter, please refer to the relevant vacancy code(s). 

It is the policy of the university to increase the number of women employed. Also members of ethnic minority groups and people with disabilities are expressly invited to apply.

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