[Elsnet-list] ISIE-2010. Special Session on "Multisensor Signal Processing for Applications in Intelligent Spaces"

Javier Macias-Guarasa macias at depeca.uah.es
Tue Oct 27 23:12:43 CET 2009

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Dear Colleagues

We are inviting you to submit a paper to the Special Session SS21:
"Multisensor Signal Processing for Applications in Intelligent Spaces",
that is organized within the IEEE International Symposium on Industrial
Electronics 2010 (ISIE 2010) that will be held in Bari (Italy) in July
4-7, 2010.

   Smart spaces imply the use of networked sensors, actuators, displays
and computational elements embedded seamlessly in the environment. At
medium term, the ambient intelligence will have big implications in the
way that people interact with their environment. The research in this
area has many technological challenges related to artificial
intelligence and sensor networks, being one of the most important the
achievement of location, tracking, identification and recognition
systems operating in indoor areas.  The complementary nature of the
information provided by different types of sensors (vision, audio,
radiofrequency, and so on) allows to increase the performance and
robustness of complex tasks involved among the different agents (users,
robots and objects) present in such environments and their interaction.

   Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

   - Topic 1 Localization sensors and technologies in intelligent
     spaces; sensor array design considerations.
   - Topic 2 Acoustic, radiofrequency, infrared and vision processing;
     algorithms and data fusion strategies.
   - Topic 3 Localization in wireless and ad-hoc networks.
   - Topic 4 Acoustic, gesture and object identification and
     recognition; human and robot tracking and pose estimation.
   - Topic 5 Immerse reality; 3D reconstruction.
   - Topic 6 Applications in intelligent spaces; location-based
     services; context-aware and pervasive systems.
   - Topic 7 Social signal processing.

   Furthermore, let us remind you some useful information:

   Submission procedure: the same as for regular papers.
   Submission deadline: 25th November 2009

  All the instructions for paper submission are included on the
conference website: http://www.isie2010.it. If you accept the
invitation, please send your contribution by using the manuscript
submission system of the conference website at
http://ieee-ies.org/submit/isie10/. When you upload your paper, please
select -Special Session SS21 from the listed in Technical Track. Note
that the best conference papers will be published on a special section
on IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics (impact factor 5.468, 2nd
journal in the category of Engineering, Electrical & Electronic).

   Finally, please consider to forward to the appropriate groups the
following opportunity to submit and publish original scientific results
in the field. Should you have any question or suggestion please don't
hesitate to contact us.  

   Kind regards,

   SS21 Special Session Organisers ISIE 2010
   Dr. Marta Marrón-Romera, GEINTRA, UAH, Spain
   Dr. Álvaro Hernández-Alonso, GEINTRA, UAH, Spain

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