[Elsnet-list] Natural Language Developer Position, Trento, Italy

Pierre Andrews andrews at disi.unitn.it
Wed Sep 2 17:25:30 CEST 2009

Natural Language Developer Position

The Knowdive group ([http://dit.unitn.it/~knowdive/]), under the
supervision of Fausto Giunchiglia ([http://www.disi.unitn.it/~fausto/])
is looking for an enthusiastic developer specialised in Natural
Language processing to join its research and development team at the
University of Trento, Italy ([http://portale.unitn.it/ateneo/]).

The ideal candidate will have a good experience of object oriented
development in Java or C++ and knowledge of the basic concepts of
Natural Language Processing techniques and algorithms (parsing,
chunking, classification, language models, machine learning).

The Knowdive group is composed of researchers and developers that
interact to develop a state of the art semantic web platform that
integrates the latest research in the field in an industry level tool.

The software developer will be responsible for the interaction between
the developers' team and the researchers to implement robust code for
the Natural Language Processing and relevant UI in the existing
Knowdive platform.

Essential skills and knowledge relevant to the project are:

    - strong knowledge of object oriented programing concepts,
    - at least experience with Java or C++ programing,
    - knowledge of NLP basics and techniques to process the different
      linguistic level: morphology, syntax, semantic and pragmatic as
      well as knowledge of machine learning techniques applied to
      natural language processing.
    - excellent English skills,
    - be able to work in a team of programmers and researchers,

Desirable skills and knowledge relevant to the project are:
    - master in computational linguistic or natural language processing
    - knowledge of the leading NLP toolkits (GATE, OpenNLP, LingPIPE)
    - knowledge of the principles of database design and of relevant
    languages and methodologies, such as ER diagram modeling, normal
    forms, SQL, and query optimization;
    - experience in developing applications under and/or administering
    at least one of the more popular DBMSs (e.g., Oracle, DB2, MySQL,
    - experience with project management.

knowledge of Italian is optional.

How to apply:
      Send your CV, a letter explaining your interest in the position,
      and the names of three referees: fausto at disi.unitn.it.

About us:
        The Department of Information Engineering  and Computer Science
        of the University of Trento is a leading and fast-growing
        research institution, characterized by a young and
        international faculty and a large, international student

About Trento:
        Trento ([http://www.apt.trento.it/]) is a small vibrant city
        (around 100K people) with a beautifully preserved historic
        center, situated in the middle of the Dolomites. It is
        consistently ranked at the top in Italy for quality of life.
        Thanks to its fortunate location, Trento offers a wide variety
        of cultural and sports opportunities all year around, as
        well as excellent food and wine.

Further information: Fausto Giunchiglia, fausto at disi.unitn.it

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