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Arabic Information Processing

Submission deadline for Special session 9 October 2009
_Session Description
Arabic is one of the six official languages of the United Nations, and 
spoken by more than 300 millions of people all around the world. Its 
characteristics - highly inflectional, complex morphology, word 
position-dependent form of a character, long vowels and short vowels 
(often not used), no capital letters etc.- makes the Arabic processing 
very challenging.

In the last few years many Arabic countries have felt the need to use 
their own language to spread the use of ICT among their populations and 
communities and also in some situations to protect their language and 
culture. Therefore, we would like to focus on specific issues that would 
help citizens living in Arabic countries to have access to information 
and technologies (open source resources, dictionaries, search engines, 
grammar checkers, etc.) in their mother tongues and therefore discuss 
requirements to customize existing technologies.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers interested in 
the area of Arabic Information Processing in order to provide a 
wide-scope forum for discussion.

Topics of this session are (non limitative list):

    * Developing culturally and linguistically aware Information Systems
      for tha Arab world.
    * Choice of information systems development methodologies for the
      Arab world.
    * Standardising Arabic Information Processing Vocabulary
    * Building of Arabic Ontologies, taxonomies and dictionaries.
    * Arabic Information extraction systems
    * Arabic Web-development
    * Machine translation systems for the Arabic Language
    * Arabic natural language processing

Papers in English and French will be considered. Papers will be 
evaluated for originality, significance, clarity, and contribution. It 
is IBIMA policy to send complete papers to two reviewers for full blind 
peer review and to send a summary of review back to the author(s) . 
Short papers/abstracts will be reviewed by reviewer and/or the editor. 
All review comments and suggestions should be addressed in the final 
submission. Submitted Papers must not have been previously published or 
currently submitted for publication elsewhere.

Conference proceedings will be published as an e-book on a CD (ISBN)

Indicate the session name on your manuscript. All Submissions should be 
sent to only one e-mail: either MA2009 at ibima.org 
<mailto:MA2009 at ibima.org> or the session chair.

Chair: Karim Bouzoubaa
Mohammadia School of Engineers, Mohamed Vth University – Agdal, Morocco
karim.bouzoubaa at emi.ac.ma <mailto:karim.bouzoubaa at emi.ac.ma>

Karim Bouzoubaa, Ph.D
Department of Computer Science
EMI (Ecole Mohammadia d'Ingénieurs, Mohammadia School of Engineers)
Mohamed Vth Agdal University
Avenue Ibnsina B.P. 765 Agdal 
Rabat, Morocco
Tel : +212 (0) 37 77.19.05/06 
Fax : +212 (0) 37 77 88 53
karim.bouzoubaa at emi.ac.ma 
karimbouzoubaa at yahoo.com

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