[Elsnet-list] 1st CfP: Workshop on Event Recognition

Thomas Winkler thomas.winkler at iais.fraunhofer.de
Sat Apr 10 16:10:05 CEST 2010


International Scientific Workshop on:
Event Recognition for Behavior Measurement, Intelligent Resource
Management, and Beyond

Workshop at Measuring Behavior 2010 Conference
24. - 27. August 2010
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Complex event processing, real-time data analysis, and event-driven
software systems are highly relevant topics for various research
communities as well as for enterprises dealing with enormous amounts of
business data. New approaches to extracting information, transforming it
into knowledge, and acting on it have to be found. With this workshop we
would like to offer an opportunity for researchers, practitioners and
technology providers to discuss techniques for detecting, tracking, and
processing events that can be applied in behavior measurement. Further
on the utilization of behavior measurement results, e.g. intelligent
resource management and corresponding feedback to measurement processes
will be discussed. During the workshop the underlying concepts of
event-driven information management will be introduced.

As a practical example and starting point for discussion, methods,
tools, and applications which have been developed within the EC funded
FP7 project PRONTO (www.ict-pronto.org) will be demonstrated. PRONTO
emphasizes the role of event recognition in intelligent resource
management. The project proposes a methodology for analyzing data from
various sources to extract useful information in the form of events and
fusing it to actionable information. The PRONTO approach will be
evaluated in two case studies in the domains of emergency rescue
operations and city transport management.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
- Algorithms for real-time event recognition
- Multi-modal/fusion techniques for sensor data and event streams
- Benchmarks, performance evaluations, and test beds for the application
of event recognition to behavior measurement
- Indicators for the detection of events in complex real world systems
- User interaction and interfaces for event navigation, browsing, and
- Utilization of behavior measurement in decision making processes and
lessons learned
- Domain-specific deployments of event-based systems

Participants are invited to give 10-15 minute presentations bringing in
their own research results and experience from domains like consumer
science, ambient assisted living, living labs, sports coaching, forensic
services, wildlife tracking etc. Proposals for position papers (2-4
pages) have to be submitted electronically to the workshop organizers
until 20th of June 2010.

The half-day workshop is part of the 7th International Conference on
Methods and Techniques in Behavioral Research "Measuring Behaviour 2010"
1. It can be of interest for computer scientists, mathematicians, AI
experts, as well as behavioral biologists and psychologists. We would
like to initiate a lively discussion on the topics listed above and no
specific background knowledge is required for participation. Attending
this workshop will provide the participants with a more refined view on
the advantages and disadvantages, with respect to applicability as well
as output, of event-driven approaches.

The workshop will be open to all registered conference participants

Workshop Co-Chairs
Jobst Löffler, Fraunhofer IAIS,Germany,jobst.loeffler at iais.fraunhofer.de
Ben Loke, Noldus Information Technology, The Netherlands,b.loke at noldus.nl
Jens Pottebaum, University of Paderborn, Germany,
pottebaum at cik.uni-paderborn.de

Important Dates
Submission of Proposals: 20. June 2010
Notification of Acceptance: 15. July 2010

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