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Tue Apr 20 14:01:49 CEST 2010


The Centre for Next Generation’s (CNGL) Machine Translation group, led by Prof.
Andy Way at Dublin City University (DCU), announces the release of ‘OpenMaTrEx’,
a free/open-source example-based machine translation (EBMT) system based on the
marker hypothesis.

The OpenMaTrEx EBMT system release comprises a marker-driven chunker (based on
Green’s “marker hypothesis”), a collection of chunk aligners, and two engines:
one based on the simple proof-of-concept monotone recombinator (released last
January as 'Marclator') and a Moses-based decoder. OpenMaTrEx is a
free/open-source version of the basic components of MaTrEx, the data-driven
machine translation system designed by the Machine Translation group at the
School of Computing of Dublin City University. 

This free/open-source release results from collaboration with Prof. Mikel L.
Forcada of Universitat d’Alacant in Spain who is currently a visiting researcher
within the CNGL MT group at DCU through an ETS Walton Award from Science
Foundation Ireland (SFI).

Through SFI funding of the Centre for Next Generation Localisation and
additional funding from EU FP7 research projects currently coming on stream, DCU
now boasts one of the largest academic research groups focused on MT worldwide.
The OpenMaTrEx release is an important step in a strategy of participation in
the free/open-source community in parallel with a programme of commercial
engagement with companies interested in adopting, tuning and deploying machine
translation technology.

Over the past number of years, Prof Andy Way has led the MT group at DCU in
pursuing corpus-based approaches to MT, which have culminated in the MaTrEx
system, a modular, maintainable and efficient data-driven machine translation
system which combines example-based machine translation (EBMT) and statistical
machine translation (SMT) and which consistently ranks as one of the
top-performing MT systems in open machine translation evaluations (e.g. WMT-09,
WMT-10, IWSLT-09, etc.).

CNGL: http://www.cngl.ie
DCU MT Group: http://nclt.dcu.ie/mt
Free/open-source MT systems: http://www.computing.dcu.ie/~mforcada/fosmt.html
OpenMaTrEx: http://www.openmatrex.org/
Marclator: http://www.openmatrex.org/marclator/
Moses: http://www.statmt.org/moses/

Mikel L. Forcada <mlf at dlsi.ua.es>
Dept. Llenguatges i Sistemes Informàtics
Universitat d\\\'Alacant, E-03071 Alacant (Spain)
Tel.: +34 96 590 9776    Fax: +34 96 590 9326

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