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                   November 10-13, Arlington, Virginia, USA

                           FIRST CALL FOR PAPERS
                     Submission deadline: June 14th, 2010
                    [ apologies for multiple postings ]

The 2010 AAAI Fall Symposium on Dialog with Robots will bring together
researchers from HRI, spoken dialog systems, intelligent virtual agents,
other related disciplines to identify and discuss the core scientific
challenges of situated, open-world spoken language interaction with robots.

Researchers in the human-robot interaction (HRI) community have addressed
challenges at the intersection of robotics and cognitive psychology, human
factors, and AI.  At the same time, concepts and methods for human-computer
dialog have been maturing within the spoken dialog community, with the
development of fundamental theories, formalisms, and computational models.
However, spoken dialog efforts to date have focused almost exclusively on
applications within restricted communication contexts, such as telephone-
PC-based information access.

This symposium will seek to bridge the historical separation between spoken
dialog research and HRI with the goals of sharing ideas and directions,
new perspectives on these challenging problems, and catalyzing new research
dialog with robots.

Example relevant topics include, but are not limited to:
* Human-robot dialog and physical context
  - multimodal conversational scene analysis
  - situated language understanding and generation
  - dialog models for open-world, multi-participant interaction
  - embodiment and communication affordances
* Nonverbal human-robot communication
  - gaze, gestures, posture, proxemics
  - cognitive architectures for integrating verbal and non-verbal
* Social aspects of human-robot dialog
  - models of affect and emotion
  - building engagement, rapport and trust
* Integration of communication and action in human-robot interaction
  - behavior-, intention-, and plan-recognition
  - spoken output and action planning
* Adaptation and learning in human-robot dialog
  - (life-long) learning and personalization
  - learning through interaction and by demonstration

The symposium will combine a variety of activities intended to facilitate
interaction among participants from different communities and discussion of
challenges in bridging research in dialog and HRI. These activities will
include, but are not limited to:
* Keynote speeches that will review the state-of-the-art in these areas and
  highlight novel directions for crosscutting research,
* Individual technical presentations by researchers
* Open panel discussions on several identified core challenges
* Breakout discussion sessions focused on developing a roadmap to
  facilitate crosscutting research in dialog and HRI.

We invite contributions from researchers and practitioners in HRI, dialog,
intelligent virtual agents, as well as related fields, in the form of full
papers (6 pages), extended abstracts (2 pages), or demonstration videos
accompanied by a demonstration abstract (2 pages). Participants will also
invited to fill in a 1-page position paper including a brief author bio, a
description of research interests, and a discussion of one or more research
challenge(s) at the intersection of dialog and robotics. An author kit and
details regarding submissions are available at the symposium web-site:

May 1:        Submissions open
June 14:      Paper submission deadline
July 8:       Notification of acceptance/rejection
July 22:      Camera ready deadline
September 17: Invited participants registration deadline
October 15:   Final (open) registration deadline

Dan Bohus - Microsoft Research, USA
Eric Horvitz - Microsoft Research, USA
Takayuki Kanda - ATR, Japan
Bilge Mutlu - University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Antoine Raux - Honda Research Institute, USA

Timothy Bickmore - Northeastern University, USA
Aude Billard - EPFL, Switzerland
Michita Imai - Keio University, Japan
Geert-Jan Kruijff - DFKI Language Technology Lab, Germany
Ivana Kruijff-Korbayova - DFKI & University of Saarland, Germany
Louis-Philippe Morency - University of Southern California, USA
Mikio Nakano - Honda Research Institute, Japan
Dennis Perzanowski - Navy Research Laboratories, USA
Charles Rich - Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA
Alex Rudnicky - Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Brain Scassellati - Yale University, USA
Candy Sidner - Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA
Rainer Stiefelhagen - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
Stewart Tansley - Microsoft Research, USA
Andrea Thomaz - Georgia Tech, USA
Gregory Trafton - Navy Research Laboratories, USA
David Traum - University of Southern California, USA
Steve Young - University of Cambridge, UK

Additional information is available at the symposium web-site:
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