[Elsnet-list] CFP: Workshop on Annotation and Exploitation of Parallel Corpora (AEPC)

Joerg Tiedemann tiedeman at gmail.com
Mon Aug 16 14:40:09 CEST 2010


Workshop on Annotation and Exploitation of Parallel Corpora (AEPC)
December 2, 2010, University of Tartu, Estonia

Co-located with TLT9 - The Ninth International Workshop on Treebanks
and Linguistic Theories

Submission deadline: 26 September 2010

In recent years parallel corpora have become ever more useful for
data-driven Machine Translation, Word Sense Disambiguation, or
Cross-language Information Retrieval. Most of the time parallel
corpora were used as raw texts (i.e. without any linguistic
annotation) or with independent linguistic annotation (i.e. linguistic
annotation that was applied to either language side without resort to
the other). We believe that the full potential of parallel corpora
will be reached when parallel corpora are aligned and annotated
concurrently. Many research strands like the automatic creation of
parallel treebanks and parallel parsing point in this direction. In
particular the popularity of syntax-enhanced approaches to statistical
machine translation and the rise of multilingual corpus linguistics
indicate the relevance of this workshop at this point in time.

With this workshop we try to bring together researchers that work on
annotating parallel corpora for various languages and purposes and
researchers that explore such resources for various applications. The
following research areas will be addressed:

    * Parallel Treebanks (manual or automatic creation)
    * Cross-language Word Alignment and Phrase-Structure Alignment
    * Parallel Grammars, Parallel Parsing
    * Grammar Induction
    * Parallel Semantic Annotation
    * Parallel Referent Resolution and Anaphora
    * Annotation Projection
    * Multi-parallel Corpora
    * Tools for Multilingual Corpus Linguistics
    * Exploitation of Parallel Corpora for Evaluation
    * Annotated Parallel Corpora for Machine Translation
    * Novel Applications of Annotated Parallel Corpora

AEPC Workshop Schedule

    * Deadline for paper submission: 26 September 2010
    * Notification of acceptance: 24 October 2010
    * Final version of paper for workshop proceedings: 15 November 2010
    * Workshop: 2 December 2010

AEPC Paper Submission

    Papers should be submitted via the EasyChair submission system:


    All submissions should be between 6-10 pages long (including
    references) and should be formatted using the TLT 2010 style that
    can be found at: http://math.ut.ee/tlt9/submissions.html. We
    encourage submissions of on-going work. The length of the paper
    (within the given limits) will not have any influence on the
    outcome of the reviewing process.

AEPC Workshop Organizers

    * Lars Ahrenberg (Linköping University)
    * Jörg Tiedemann (Uppsala University)
    * Martin Volk (University of Zurich)

Program Committee

The following researchers have agreed to serve on the program committee:

    * Paul Buitelaar (DERI, Galway)
    * Anne Göhring (University of Zurich)
    * Silvia Hansen (University of Mainz)
    * Joakim Nivre (Uppsala University)
    * Yvonne Samuelsson (Stockholm University)
    * Lonneke van der Plas (University of Geneva)
    * John Tinsley (Dublin City University)
    * Mats Wirén (Stockholm University)
    * Dekai Wu (Hong Kong University of Science & Technology)
    * Ventsislav Zhechev (Dublin City University)

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