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ILLC Scientific Publications

This document contains the titles of the reports that were published
by the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC) this year.
These reports are electronically available,
 by WWW at http://www.illc.uva.nl/Publications and
 or FTP at ftp://ftp.science.uva.nl/pub/theory/illc/researchreports/
For more information, please contact the ILLC bureau:
       ILLC Bureau
       University of Amsterdam
       Science Park 904
       NL-1098 XH Amsterdam
       The Netherlands
       Email: illc at uva.nl

Reports are numbered Series-Year-Number, where `Series' is one of 
  PP = Prepublication Series
  MoL = Master of Logic Thesis


Report PP-2009-01
Title: Bidirectional Grammar and Bidirectional Optimization
Author: Reinhard Blutner, Anatoli Strigin

Report PP-2009-02
Title: Questions and Answers in an Orthoalgebraic Approach
Author: Reinhard Blutner

Report PP-2009-03
Title: Two Qubits for C.G. Jung's Theory of Personality
Author: Reinhard Blutner, Elena Hochnadel

Report PP-2009-04
Title: Concepts and Bounded Rationality: An Application of Niestegge's 
Approach to Conditional Quantum Probabilities
Author: Reinhard Blutner

Report PP-2009-05
Title: Inquisitive Semantics: Two Possibilities for Disjunction
Author: Jeroen Groenendijk

Report PP-2009-06
Title: The Great Art of Modeling
Author: Johan van Benthem

Report PP-2009-07
Title: Decisions, Actions, and Games: a logical perspective
Author: Johan van Benthem

Report PP-2009-08
Title: CRS and Guarded Logics, a fruitful contact
Author: Johan van Benthem

Report PP-2009-09
Title: Nash Social Welfare in Multiagent Resource Allocation
Author: Sara Ramezani, Ulle Endriss

Report PP-2009-10
Title: Representing Utility Functions via Weighted Goals
Author: Joel Uckelman, Yann Chevaleyre, Ulle Endriss, J\'er\^ome Lang

Report PP-2009-11
Title: A Graphical Formalism for Mixed Multi-Unit Combinatorial Auctions
Author: Andrea Giovannucci, Jes\'us Cerquides, Ulle Endriss, Juan A. 

Report PP-2009-12
Title: Simple Negotiation Schemes for Agents with Simple Preferences: 
Sufficiency, Necessity and Maximality
Author: Yann Chevaleyre, Ulle Endriss, Nicolas Maudet

Report PP-2009-13
Title: Eventually Different Functions and Inaccessible Cardinals
Author: J\"org Brendle, Benedikt L\"owe

Report PP-2009-14
Title: Can doxastic agents learn? On the temporal structure of learning
Author: C\'edric D\'egremont, Nina Gierasimczuk

Report PP-2009-15
Title: Of the Hennessy-Milner property and Other Demons
Author: Raul Leal, Clemens Kupke

Report PP-2009-16
Title: Equational Coalgebraic Logic
Author: Raul Leal, Alexander Kurz

Report PP-2009-17
Title: The Axiom of Real Blackwell Determinacy
Author: Daisuke Ikegami, David de Kloet, Benedikt L\"owe

Report PP-2009-18
Title: Inquisitive Semantics and Pragmatics
Author: Jeroen Groenendijk, Floris Roelofsen

Report PP-2009-19
Title: Improving methodology of quantifier comprehension experiments
Author: Jakub Szymanik, Marcin Zajenkowski

Report PP-2009-20
Title: Understanding Quantifiers in Language
Author: Jakub Szymanik, Marcin Zajenkowski

Report PP-2009-21
Title: Cofinality and Measurability of the First Three Uncountable Cardinals
Author: Arthur W. Apter, Stephen C. Jackson, Benedikt L\"owe

Report PP-2009-22
Title: Data and Phenomena in Conceptual Modelling
Author: Benedikt L\"owe, Thomas M\"uller

Report PP-2009-23
Title: De Kracht van Wiskunde in Muziekonderzoek
Author: Aline Honingh, Anja Volk

Report PP-2009-24
Title: Doing Argumentation Theory in Modal Logic
Author: Davide Grossi

Report PP-2009-25
Title: Forcing Absoluteness and Regularity Properties
Author: Daisuke Ikegami

Report PP-2009-26
Title: Craig Interpolation for Linear Temporal Languages
Author: Am\'elie Gheerbrant, Balder ten Cate

Report PP-2009-27
Title: The Norm Implementation Problem in Normative Multi-Agent Systems
Author: David Grossi, Dov Gabbay, Leendert van der Torre

Report PP-2009-28
Title: The reception of Saint Anselm's logic in the 20th and 21st centuries
Author: Sara L. Uckelman

Report PP-2009-29
Title: Peritopological Spaces and Bisimulations
Author: Hamal Ahmet, Terziler Mehmet

Report PP-2009-30
Title: Games for Learning - A Sabotage Approach
Author: Nina Gierasimczuk, Lena Kurzen, Fernando R. Vel\'azquez-Quesada

Report PP-2009-31
Title: Polish Logic, a few lines from a personal perspective
Author: Urszula Wybraniec-Skardowska

Report PP-2009-32
Title: Toward a Dynamic Logic of Questions
Author: Johan van Benthem, \c{S}tefan Minic\v{a}

Report PP-2009-33
Title: Identifying the structure of a narrative via an agent-based logic of 
preferences and beliefs: Formalizations of episodes from CSI: Crime Scene 
Author: Benedikt L\"owe, Eric Pacuit, Sanchit Saraf

Report PP-2009-34
Title: Rolling down the River: Saul Kripke and the course of modal logic
Author: Johan van Benthem

Report PP-2009-35
Title: Preference Handling in Combinatorial Domains: From AI to Social 
Author: Yann Chevaleyre, Ulle Endriss, J\'er\^ome Lang, Nicolas Maudet

Report PP-2009-36
Title: Conditional Importance Networks: A Graphical Language for 
Representing Ordinal, Monotonic Preferences over Sets of Goods
Author: Sylvain Bouveret, Ulle Endriss, J\'er\^ome Lang

Report PP-2009-37
Title: Preference Aggregation over Restricted Ballot Languages: Sincerity 
and Strategy-Proofness
Author: Ulle Endriss, Maria Silvia Pini, Francesca Rossi, K. Brent Venable

Report PP-2009-38
Title: The CIFF Proof Procedure for Abductive Logic Programming with 
Constraints: Theory, Implementation and Experiments
Author: Paolo Mancarella, Giacomo Terreni, Fariba Sadri, Francesca Toni, 
Ulle Endriss

Report PP-2009-39
Title: Iterated Majority Voting
Author: St\'ephane Airiau, Ulle Endriss

Report PP-2009-40
Title: First-Order Logic Formalisation of Arrow's Theorem
Author: Umberto Grandi, Ulle Endriss

Report PP-2009-41
Title: Complete Axiomatization of the Stutter-Invariant Fragment of the 
Linear-time mu-calculus
Author: Am\'elie Gheerbrant

Report PP-2009-42
Title: Doing Argumentation Theory in Modal Logic
Author: Davide Grossi

Report PP-2009-43
Title: Inference, Promotion, and the Dynamics of Awareness
Author: Johan van Benthem, Fernando R. Vel\'azquez-Quesada

Report PP-2009-44
Title: Categorial versus Modal Information Theory
Author: Johan van Benthem

Report PP-2009-45
Title: Prehistoric Phenomena and Self-referentiality in Realization 
Author: Junhua Yu

Report PP-2009-46
Title: Quantifiers and Working Memory
Author: Jakub Szymanik and Marcin Zajenkowski

Report PP-2009-47
Title: Horror Contradictionis
Author: Johan van Benthem

Report PP-2009-48
Title: The Logic of Empirical Theories Revisited
Author: Johan van Benthem

Report MoL-2009-01
Title: Normativity and interaction: from ethics to semantics
Author: Mar\'ia In\'es Crespo

Report MoL-2009-02
Title: Wittgenstein's Investigations and Damasio's Explanations: A 
Comparative Study of Emotion
Author: Nicole R. Hausen

Report MoL-2009-03
Title: Analysis of Knowledge, Assertion, Verification
Author: Daniele Chiffi

Report MoL-2009-04
Title: Autistic Number Learning: What Autism Can Tell Us About the 
Acquisition of Number Concepts
Author: Daan Dirk de Jonge

Report MoL-2009-05
Title: Going for a Walk on a Fine Summer’s Day While a Sea-battle is Taking 
Place, or Concerning Future Contingents and Intentional Action
Author: Petros D. Stamatis

Report MoL-2009-06
Title: Decomposition Theorem for Abstract Elementary Classes
Author: Pablo Cubides Kovacsics

Report MoL-2009-07
Title: A Dynamic Analysis of Epistemic Possibility
Author: Chris Brumwell

Report MoL-2009-08
Title: Truth-Theoretic Contextualism: Dissolving the 
Minimalism/Contextualism Debate
Author: Wouter Beek

Report MoL-2009-09
Title: A BiOT Account of Gricean Reasoning
Author: Simon Pauw

Report MoL-2009-10
Title: Scalar Implicatures and Existential Import: Experimental Study on 
Quantifiers in Natural Language
Author: Maria Spychalska

Report MoL-2009-11
Title: Inquisitive Semantics and Intermediate Logics
Author: Ivano A. Ciardelli

Report MoL-2009-12
Title: The Advent of Recursion \& Logic in Computer Science
Author: Karel Van Oudheusden

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