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    *** The AAMAS 2010 Workshop on ***
    *** Collaborative Human/AI Control for Interactive Experiences ***
    *** in collaboration with Disney Research ***

    * Call for Papers *

    As the visual quality of interactive experiences has continued to
improve in both virtual and physical settings, the interactions that
make up each experience have remained very simple; video games offer
violence and shallow conversations with artificial characters, while
theme parks offer brief opportunities for pictures and autographs with
live actors in costume. In the pursuit of creating interactive
experiences which are both engaging and robust, there is great potential
for semi-autonomous agents to leverage the intelligence and creativity
of a human operator. While some current interactive systems transfer
control from an AI agent to a human operator to guarantee robustness,
the operator is rarely made aware of the user's prior interactions, and
control is rarely returned to the AI agent. We believe that a means to
seamlessly transfer control between semi-autonomous agents and a human
operator could make significant progress towards improving both operator
efficiency and user satisfaction.

    Hosted at AAMAS 2010, the international workshop on Collaborative
Human/AI Control for Interactive Experiences aims to foster a new
community to explore how the control of engaging interactive experiences
might be transferred back and forth between AI agents and a human
operator, while constantly maintaining the illusion that each agent is
independent and self-consistent. We invite contributions from (but not
limited to) researchers and practitioners in the following fields, both
to share their ideas and techniques for addressing all or part of this
challenge, and to identify and discuss new concerns as they arise:

       - Autonomous Agents
       - Human/Computer Interaction
       - Natural Language Understanding and Generation
       - Human/Robot Interaction
       - Spoken Dialogue Systems
       - Knowledge Representation, and
       - Interactive Entertainment

    Submissions are welcome in the form of 3-5 page position papers,
concerning designs and/or theories of how human and AI control might be
seamlessly balanced in an interactive system. Papers will be reviewed by
program committee and evaluated on the basis of originality, soundness,
significance, presentation, the overall quality of their technical
contribution, and their relevance to the workshop's goals. For further
instructions, please see the workshop's website:


    *Important Dates *

     February 2, 2010 Submission of contributions to workshops
     March 2, 2010 Notification of paper acceptance
     March 10, 2010 Submission of camera-ready papers
     May 10-11, 2010 CHACIE 2010 (exact date TBA)

    * Organizing Committee *

    Manish Mehta - College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology
    Christina Strong - Department of Computer Science, University of
California: Santa Cruz
    David Thue - Department of Computing Science, University of Alberta




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