[Elsnet-list] Two Marie Curie PhD Scholarships at the University of Copenhagen

Costanza Navarretta costanza at hum.ku.dk
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Two Marie Curie PhD Scholarships in Semantic Annotation of Corpora and
Multimodal Communication at the University of Copenhagen
Application deadline March 15, 2010
The Graduate School of the Faculty of Humanities and the Centre for
Language Technology, under the Faculty of Humanities is inviting
applications for two PhD scholarships in semantic annotation of corpora
and multimodal communication starting September 1, 2010 for a period of
up to three years. The positions involve participation in the EU project
CLARA - Common Language Resources and their Applications, which is a
Marie Curie Initial Training Network receiving funding from European
Commission's 7th Framework Programme (http://clara.uib.no,
The applicants can not be a Danish citizen, except if the applicants
have legally resided and had his/her main activity in a non-associated
third country for at least three of the last four years immediately
prior to his/her employment. Further, applicants must not have resided
or performed their main activity in Denmark more than 12 months in the 3
year period immediately prior to the start date of the PhD scholarship. 
Semantic Annotation of Corpora
One PhD scholarship is announced within the CLARA research area Semantic
Annotation of Large Corpora. Semantic corpus annotation is moving into a
new era where also lesser studied languages can provide the necessary
background language resources required for the task. Semantic corpus
annotation can provide the much wanted synergy between large text
repositories and lexical-semantic resources and thereby make text
collections more accessible for different kinds of humanities
researchers. The overall aim of this CLARA research area is to
investigate (i) to which degree current wordnets (currently available
for around 60 languages) and other lexical semantic resources are
suitable as lexical semantic resources for automatic annotation of
large, varied corpora (written, spoken and visual) and (ii) to which
degree resources and tools for corpus annotation are transferable
between languages. The research project will include the study of cross-
and multilingual aspects of semantic corpus annotation and the
possibility of technological transfer between languages.
The PhD project should focus on one or more of these aspects of semantic
corpus annotation, and the PhD scholar should relate to relevant lexical
resources (computational lexicons and/or wordnets) and corpora for the
particular language(s) the he or she wishes to work with. 
Multimodal Communication Modeling
Another PhD Scholarship involves participation in the CLARA subproject
Multimedia and Multimodal Communication Modeling, which is a cooperation
between the University of Copenhagen and Max Planck Institute, Germany.
The overall goal of the subproject is to study human communicative
multimodal behavior empirically.  
The objective of the PhD project is to produce insight on essential
aspects of multimodal behavior such as feedback, dialogue management,
information structure and reference, by conducting empirical studies on
audiovisual corpora. Analysis methods will be based on manual annotation
but also on automatic methods such as machine learning. Existing
multimodal corpora and/or multimodal data annotated within the PhD
project will be used to produce empirically-based evidence of how
specific non-verbal behaviors are used in human communication. Relevant
research issues are, for example, to which extent non-verbal behavior
may be captured in formal categories that an algorithm can be trained to
recognize; the importance of the cultural context in interpreting
behavior;  or whether a universal core can be defined for non-verbal
behaviors, similarly to what certain linguistic schools have attempted
to do for language. Analyses of multimodal communication in different
cultural settings, communication situations and social contexts are also
For the full calls, cf:


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