[Elsnet-list] ACL 2010 Solicitation of Position and Challenge Papers

Koenraad De Smedt desmedt at uib.no
Wed Jan 20 10:03:00 CET 2010

48th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics
                       July 11-16, 2010
                       Uppsala, Sweden

         Solicitation of Position and Challenge Papers

    One of the goals of ACL 2010 is the inclusion of challenge and
position papers, particularly two-author position papers where the
two authors take opposing viewpoints on an issue.   We would like 
to strongly encourage members of the research community to submit 
challenge and position papers.
    A challenge paper should lay out a challenge to the research
community, justify its importance and timeliness, and identify the 
criteria for successfully satisfying the challenge.
    A position paper should take a position on an issue of importance
to computational linguistics but about which there is not agreement.
The paper should provide arguments and evidence supporting the 
author's position; in the case of a two-author position paper, the
authors should ideally address the arguments of the opposing position.
    Challenge and position papers will be reviewed using criteria
appropriate for these types of papers.  The review forms can be
found on the conference web site at http://acl2010.org/reviewforms.html
    Help add to the excitement of ACL 2010 by submitting a challenge
paper or a position paper!!!

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