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Carl Vogel vogel at cs.tcd.ie
Wed Jul 14 17:44:29 CEST 2010

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Post-doctoral Position in Computational Linguistics

Applications are invited for a funded two-year post-doctoral research
position in the School of Computer Science and Statistics, Trinity
College Dublin to work on PaJR, a collaborative research project on
building software for patient self management of chronic illness. The
project partners are the National Digital Research Centre
(www.NDRC.ie), GroupNos Technologies (www.groupnos.com), PHC Research
Ltd and Trinity College Dublin (the Knowledge and Data Engineering
Group (http://kdeg.cs.tcd.ie) and the Computational Linguistics Group
(www.cs.tcd.ie/research_groups/clg)). The post-doc role will involve
identifying patterns in patient narrative text and triggering
appropriate actions.

The successful candidate will have a PhD in Computational Linguistics,
or a closely related discipline, such as Computer Science, with
demonstrable expertise in as many of the following as possible:

statistical analysis, 
corpus linguistics, 
sentiment analysis, 
formal semantics, 
machine learning. 

The project requires an individual who is well versed in theoretical
issues that impinge on the work, but who also appreciates the
pragmatic value of eclectic, practical solutions. They will be highly
motivated, with strong communication skills and a demonstrated
proficiency in software development. All candidates must be fluent in
English, and have good writing skills.

This full-time position is for two years' duration, starting at the
latest in November 2010 and is supported by the NDRC. The salary will
be at the upper end of the IUA Post-doctorate researcher (Level 2)
scale (see link on http://www.iua.ie/iua-activities/research.html).

Applications that do not satisfy the requirements listed below will
not be considered. Applications must include:

1. A targeted cover letter (600-1000 words) expressing your
suitability for the position

2. A complete CV including a list of refereed publications and contact
details for three referees.

3. Full academic transcripts undergraduate and postgraduate translated
to English if necessary

Applications received on or prior to 27th August 2010 will receive
fullest consideration. Please send applications via email with Subject
Line "Comp Ling Postdoc Position" to: Jean.Maypother at scss.tcd.ie
Informal questions may be addressed to Carl.Vogel at tcd.ie or
Lucy.Hederman at tcd.ie

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