[Elsnet-list] PhD POSITION in PERSON RECOGNTION IN AUDIOVISUAL BROADCASTS (36,months; starting Sept./Oct. 2010) IN GRENOBLE (France)

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Thu Jun 24 21:55:35 CEST 2010

months; starting Sept./Oct. 2010) IN GRENOBLE (France)
Key words: video information retrieval, spoken language processing, 
cross-modal fusion

The ANR QCOMPERE project is one the three consortiums that will 
participate to the REPERE
challenge. REPERE is a multimedia challenge for person recognition 
within audiovisual
broadcasts. Its general goals are to improve the state-of-the-heart in 
automatic processing of
multimedia documents and to create collaborations between specialists of 
the different modalities
involved in the challenge. More precisely, the participants to the 
REPERE challenge are expected
to build a system for identifying the persons in audiovisual broadcasts, 
relying on different
possible information sources: the image of the person, his/her voice and 
the name written on the
image or pronounced. In order to participate to the call, each 
consortium needs to address these
four questions: who is seen (person identification in videos), who is 
speaking (speaker
identification in audio), whose name is written on screen (name 
identification in video using
OCR), whose name is pronounced (name spotting or name identification in 
ASR), and be able to
fuse the answers in a single system.

This PhD position focus on the fusion of information for 
cross-(multi-)modal person
recognition in videos, as well as name identification in videos using OCR.
The PhD will take place in the Laboratory of Informatics of Grenoble 
(LIG) that was created on
January 1, 2007. This laboratory gathers 500 researchers, 
lecturers-researchers, students and
post-docs, technical and administrative staff members. Research 
activities are structured around
24 autonomous research groups. Due to its multimodal dimension, this PhD 
would take place
between two different teams of the laboratory: MRIM and GETALP. The 
information indexing and retrieval (MRIM) group is specialized (as it is 
shown in its name) with
multimedia indexing. The GETALP group is specialized in spoken and 
written natural language
processing. More details on the groups can be found on 
http://mrim.imag.fr/en/ and

Applicants should hold a Master Thesis in Computer Science and show a 
strong academic
background. They should be fluent in English. Competence in French is 
optional, though
applicants will be encouraged to acquire this skill during the PhD.

For further information, please contact Laurent Besacier 
(Laurent.Besacier at imag.fr) and
Georges Quénot (Georges.Quenot at imag.fr)
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