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Call for Papers
(Digital Speech and Image Processing)
Iriški Venac, Serbia
September 30th - October 2nd, 2010

DOGS2010 is a conference presenting research status and courses of
development in digital signal processing, with special focus on digital
speech and image processing. Biomedical signal pro¬cessing has recently been
included into the conference topics.
The conference is organized by the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi
Sad, in cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade,
Faculty of Electronics in Niš, Mihajlo Pupin Institute, IPME and the
Institute for Security in Belgrade, under the custody of the Ministry of
Science and Technological development of the Republic of Serbia and the IEEE
section of Serbia and Montenegro.
Conference Topics:
1. Digital Speech Processing: speech generation and perception, phonology
and phonetics, speech pathology, speech technologies (speech analysis and
synthesis, speech recognition, speaker identification and verification),
speech coding and transmission, speech cryptography techniques, noise
reduction, analog and digital speech processing systems, implementation and
applications (communications, computer telephony, etc.), and others.
2. Digital Image Processing: image coding and transmission, image analysis
and segmentation, linear and non-linear image filtering and restauration,
image modelling and representation, digital transformations, movement
detection and estimation, implementation and applications (communications,
multimedia, robotics, control, etc.), and others.
3. Digital Biomedical Signal Processing: linear and non-linear processing of
1-D biomedical (cardiovascular and neural) signals, separation of
independent components of signals, bio¬medical image processing, medical
Submission and presentation of papers from other scientific areas related to
those listed here is also possible, with approval of the Conference
Conference Contents:
• Invited papers
• Papers presenting overviews of current research results
(Summaries of interesting papers published between successive conferences)
• Original, previously unpublished papers
• Practical demonstrations of digital speech and image processing
• Discussions covering conference topics
Papers presentation:
The authors present their papers orally (10-15 minu-tes, using an LCD
projector), whereas the papers including practical presentation will be
granted additional 5 minutes. Required time limit for presentations of
invited papers is extended to 30 minutes.
Instructions for writing papers:
Papers should be submitted in an abridged (1 to 2 pages), or unabridged
electronic form (up to 4 pages or up to 8 if invited), to the address:
secujski at uns.ac.rs
Proceedings will be available as a Book and a CD-ROM. Both will be available
at the conference.
DOGS2010 will take place at hotel “Norcev” at Iriški venac.
31. 05. 2010 – Submission of abstracts
31. 07. 2010 – Submission of camera-ready versions of papers
31. 08. 2010 – Acceptance notification

More details can be found on http://www.ftn.ns.ac.yu/dogs/en-splash.htm
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