[Elsnet-list] Apertium in the Google Summer of Code: students wanted

Mikel L. Forcada mlf at ua.es
Sat Mar 20 10:52:02 CET 2010

[Please disseminate, especially to interested students.]

The Apertium free/open-source machine translation platform 
(http://www.apertium.org) has been selected for the second year as one 
of the 153 projects in the 2010 edition of the Google Summer of Code.

The Apertium project develops a free/open-source platform for machine 
translation and language technology. We try and focus our efforts on 
lesser-resourced and marginalised languages, but also work with larger 
languages. The platform, including data for a large number of language 
pairs, a translation engine and auxiliary tools is being developed 
around the world, largely in universities (mainly the Universitat 
d'Alacant, http://www.ua.es) and companies (e.g. Prompsit Language 
Engineering, http://www.prompsit.com), but also independent 
free-software developers play a huge role. There are currently 23 
published language pairs within the project (including a number of 
"firsts" — for example Spanish—Occitan, Breton—French, and 
Basque—Spanish among others), and several more in development.

//Google Summer of Code (http://socghop.appspot.com) is a global program 
that provides scholarships for students from around the world to program 
in selected free/open-source software projects.

Last year, the Apertium Google Summer of Code was awarded 9 scholarships.

Students wishing to work this summer in one of the tasks (ideas) that 
the Apertium project has published (see 
http://socghop.appspot.com/gsoc/org/show/google/gsoc2010/apertium), may 
submit a proposal starting March 29 for a 5,000 dollar scholarship (a 
template is provided there).

Students are also welcome to visit the #apertium IRC channel at 
freenode.net and ask there. They can also write to us at 
apertium-gsoc-2010 at dlsi.ua.es .

Best regards,

Mikel L. Forcada <mforcada at computing.dcu.ie>, <mlf at ua.es>

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Dublin City University
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