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Yuming OU yuming at it.uts.edu.au
Thu Mar 25 14:17:28 CET 2010

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The Sixth International Workshop on Agents and Data Mining Interaction 
May 10-14, 2010 Toronto, Canada

Held in conjunction with
The Ninth International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent 
Systems (AAMAS2010)


On-line registration (and more information) at


The ADMI workshop series provides a premier forum for sharing research 
and engineering results, as well as potential challenges and prospects

encountered in the coupling crossing autonomous agents and multi-agent 
systems, data mining and knowledge discovery, data wareshousing, machine

learning, and artificial intelligence and intelligent systems. The 
workshop welcomes theoretical work and applied dissemination aiming to:

* exploit agent-enriched data mining and machine learning, and 
demonstrate how agent technology can contribute to critical data mining and

machine learning problems in theory and practice;
* improve data mining-driven agents and systems, and show how data 
mining and machine learning can strengthen agent intelligence and 

systems in research and practical applications;
* explore the integration of agents and data mining towards a 
super-intelligent system and intelligent information processing;
* identify challenges and directions for future research and development 
in agent mining, throughthe synergy and interaction amongst relevant

fields; and
* report workable applications and case studies of agent mining.


Contributions on the following and other related topics are solicited:

* Challenges and prospects in agent mining
* Theoretical foundation for agent mining
* Agent-driven data analysis, knowledge discovery and machine learning
* Data mining-driven agents and multi-agent systems and intelligent systems
* Performance evaluation and validation in agent mining
* Emerging agent mining applications and lessons learned


Prof. Longbing Cao
Tel. +61-2-9514-4477
Fax. +61-2-9514-1807
Email: admi10 at agentmining.org

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