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ESPP 2010

18th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Philosophy and  
Psychology in Bochum and Essen (Germany), August 25-28th, 2010

The deadline for submission of PAPERS and POSTERS is 15 May, 2010

Plenary Speakers:
Andy Clark (Philosophy, Edinburgh)
Linda B. Smith (Psychology, Indiana Univ.)
Mark Steedman (Informatics, Edinburgh)
Michael Tomasello (Anthropology, Leipzig)

Invited Symposia

(1) Crossmodal Perception (Barry Smith, London)

(2) Joint Action, Joint Thinking, and Joint Agency (Günther Knoblich,  

(3) Nature and Culture in Language Acquisition (Bernhard Schröder,  

(4) Concepts and Nonlinguistic Inferences in Animals (Albert Newen,  

Contributed Symposia

(1) Perceptual Uncertainty: from metaperception to epistemology   
(Joelle Proust, Paris)

(2) What is a deduction? Integrating logical, psychological and  
philosophical perspectives (Catarina Dutilh Novaes, Amsterdam)

(3) Being addressed as You: Towards a Second-Person Approach to Social  
Cognition (Tobias Schlicht, Tübingen)

(4) The Psychology and Philosophy of Property Ownership (Patricia  
Kanngiesser, Bristol)

(5) “Causality within the brain and between the brain and the limbs:  
a fresh look at the initiation of movement and the feeling of  
"intending" (Aaron Schurger, Paris)

(6) Universal and Cultural Determinants of Social Interaction and  
Perception (Anika Fiebich, Leon de Bruin, Bochum)

(7) Thinking and Motor Control (Gottfried Vosgerau, Düsseldorf)

(8) Constructive Memory (John Sutton, Sydney)

For further information please consult our website at:


Call for Papers and Posters

Submitted papers are refereed and selected on the basis of quality and  
relevance to psychologists, philosophers and linguists. Papers should  
not exceed a length of 20 minutes (about 8 double-spaced pages) for a  
total 30 minute session. Submissions may be by abstract (ca. 500  
words) but in the case of philosophical submissions a full paper is  

A submission for a poster presentation should consist of a 500-word  
abstract. Submitted papers may also be considered for presentation as  

The Deadline for submission of posters and papers: 15th of May 2010

Please use the online submission form to be found at:

Program chairs:
Sarah Beck,
Matt Nudds,
Peter Svenonius

Local organization:
Albert Newen (Bochum)
Bernhard Schröder (Essen) 

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