[Elsnet-list] First call for paper: International Workshop "Political Speech" - Rome 10-12 November 2010

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International Workshop


Università Roma Tre
Aula Magna
Via Ostiense 161 – Roma

November 10th – 12th, 2010


Ever since classical oratory studies, epideictic and judicial rhetoric
have been distinguished from deliberative rhetoric, which includes
political discourse. And in all these genres, Cicero and Quintilianus
credit high relevance to actio, i.e., all the aspects of discourse
performance, in which the Orator must care not only words, but intonation,
gesture, facial expression, body movements, so as to be more effective in
In the last years, the body has been considered more and more important in
political communication, also for the omnipresence of political news and
political talk shows in media. Moreover, the body aspects of persuasive
communication have gained new concern in the research areas of Persuasive
Agents and Social Signal Processing.
This workshop aims at investigating “political speech”: the monological
and dialogical forms where political persuasion is attained through face
to face or media communication, making use of the whole repertoire of body
communication: words, prosody, gesture, gaze, face, posture, proxemics.
The target research questions are the following:
• Are there body signals typical of political discourse, and more
generally signals with a specific persuasive intent or persuasive effect?
• Are there intonational contours, or prosodic characteristics, that are
typical of argumentation?
• Do political speech and political written text differ from a
quantitative or qualitative point of view as to their use of
argumentation? And are there cognitive or strategic reasons for such
• What are the acoustic and visual signals that typically convey emotional
aspects and impression management in political speech? And what is their
role in it as opposed to other types of persuasive discourse?
• Is charisma a possible feature of an Orator? And are there signals of
charisma in political speech?
• Within the specific aspects of face to face interaction (prosody,
intonational contours, gestures, head movements, gaze, facial expression
what are the differences between political speech and other types of
persuasive discourse, between discourse and debate, between private
conversation public discourse?
• In a political debate, how do turn taking, floor management, feedback,
or other aspects of conversation management bear on the persuasive intent
and persuasive effects?
• How can an automatic system recognize and interpret signals of agreement
and disagreement, dominance or reactance, persuasive intent or deception?
• How can an Embodied Conversational Agent be more effective in
persuasion, and how can an Intelligent System unmask fallacious
argumentation or find counterarguments?

The topics of the Workshop include, but are not limited to:

• multimodality
• multimodal corpora
• social signal processing
• phonetics, prosody and intonation
• gesture
• discourse strategies
• argumentation and persuasion
• conversational analysis
• public speaking
• political communication
• persuasive dialogue systems
• speech analysis and synthesis
• gesture and action recognition
• applications
• Embodied Conversational Agents
• Persuasive Technology

Organizing Committee:
Isabella Poggi, Francesca D’Errico, Laura Vincze, Alessandro Vinciarelli

Important dates:
June 30th, 2010: Abstract submission (max 1000 words)
Abstract, in a doc. file, should be sent to the following addresses:
poggi at uniroma3.it; fderrico at uniroma3.it; laura.vincze at gmail.com

with “Political Speech” in the Subject

September 30th, 2010:Notification of acceptance
October 10th 2010: Final Program
November 10th -12th, 2010: International Workshop “Political Speech”

A selection of accepted papers will be published in an indexed volume.
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