[Elsnet-list] [CLARIN Members] Read-out speech corpus needed

Khalid CHOUKRI choukri at elda.org
Fri Apr 22 18:26:26 CEST 2011

Hi Mike

what about the speeches collected at InterSpeech 1993 in Berlin, Called 
TED, The Translanguage English Database
This is
"a corpus of recordings made of oral presentations at Eurospeech'93 in 
Berlin. The corpus name derives from the high percentage of oral 
presentations given in English by non-native speakers of English. Two 
hundred twenty-four (224) oral presentations at the conference were 
successfully recorded, providing a total of about 75 hours of speech 
material. These recordings provide a large number of presenters, 
speaking multiple variants of English, over a relatively large amount of 
time (15 minutes for each presentation + 5 minutes of discussion), on a 
specific topic.

see details at: http://catalog.elra.info/product_info.php?products_id=637

all the best

P.S. You may want to look at the romance languages corpus C-Oral-Rom
C-ORAL-ROM - Integrated reference corpora for spoken romance languages. 
Multi-media edition; tools of analysis; standard linguistic measurements 
for validation in HLT

Mike Rosner wrote, On 22/04/2011 16:37:
> Dear All,
> I have a student who is doing some comparative work on formal vs 
> informal speech and need to get my hands on an annotated read-out 
> speech corpus at low or zero cost.
> If anyone can help with that please get in touch.
> Many thanks
> Mike
> -- 
> Michael Rosner
> Dept Intelligent Computer Systems
> University of Malta, MSD2080, MALTA
> mike.rosner at um.edu.mt, www.cs.um.edu.mt/~mros
> +356 2340 2519
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