[Elsnet-list] Read-out speech corpus needed

Eric Atwell csc6ea at leeds.ac.uk
Tue Apr 26 15:58:40 CEST 2011

Mike (and anyone else interested),

We can offer the ProPOSEC dataset ("ProPOSEC: A Prosody and PoS 
Spoken English Corpus" by Claire Brierley and Eric Atwell, LREC 2010).

This open source material has already been donated to the Aix-MARSEC
project led by Professor Daniel Hirst at the University of Aix, France.

ProPOSEC uses the following files from Section A of the Lancaster-IBM
Spoken English Corpus of BBC radio broadcast transcripts: A01,
A03, A04, A05, A06, A07, A08, A09, A10, A11. The order of fields for
each entry is as follows:

File ID
SAMPA (transcription from Aix-Marsec)
SAMPA (transcription from ProPOSEL)
Syllable count
Lexical stress pattern
Content/function word status
DISC phonetic transcription
DISC transcription mapped to syllable weightings
Prototype phone-TSM mapping from Aix-Marsec

I hope this helps

Eric Atwell (pp Claire Brierley), Leeds University

On Fri, 22 Apr 2011, Mike Rosner wrote:

> Dear All,
> I have a student who is doing some comparative work on formal vs
> informal speech and need to get my hands on an annotated read-out
> speech corpus at low or zero cost.
> If anyone can help with that please get in touch.
> Many thanks
> Mike
> --
> Michael Rosner
> Dept Intelligent Computer Systems
> University of Malta, MSD2080, MALTA
> mike.rosner at um.edu.mt, www.cs.um.edu.mt/~mros
> +356 2340 2519

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