[Elsnet-list] 2nd Call for Bids EACL 2014

Stephen Clark sc609 at cl.cam.ac.uk
Mon Aug 15 14:17:56 CEST 2011

 	14th Meeting of the European Chapter of the ACL
 			  EACL 2014

The European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (EACL) 
invites proposals to host the 2014 EACL conference, to be held in Europe, the 
Middle East or Africa (EMEA) in Spring (preferably April) 2014. From 2014 the 
EACL conference will take place every 3 years. The 2014 conference will be the 
14th meeting of the EACL.

We seek draft proposals from prospective bidders. Based on an evaluation of the 
draft proposals received, promising bidders will be asked to provide additional 
information for the final selection.

The EACL Board will appoint the general chair for the conference, the programme 
committee chair, and all other chairs (tutorial chair, workshop chair, etc.) 
except for the local arrangements chair.

Draft proposals should identify a local arrangements chair, who will be 
responsible for activities such as arranging meeting rooms, equipment, 
refreshments, accommodation, on-site registration, participant internet access, 
the reception, the banquet, and working with the other chairs and the EACL 
Board to develop the budget and registration materials. Achieving budget 
estimates will, in particular, involve liaising with the sponsorship committee.

The conference should take place during Spring 2014 (preferably April), 
avoiding national holidays of the EACL countries such as Western and Orthodox 
Easter and Jewish passover.

Draft proposals should include information on the following (each item to be 
explicitly addressed):

     - Location (accessibility; conference venue, e.g. hotel or
       university; accommodations, e.g. hotels, motels, student dorms;
       dining options)
     - Proposed dates
     - Local Arrangements team (chair/co-chair, committee, volunteer
       labour, registration handling)
     - Local Computational Linguistics community
     - Meeting venues: space for plenary sessions including 4
       conference rooms hosting respectively 750, 250, 250 and 100
       persons; a poster or exhibit room; 11 rooms on the
       workshops/tutorials days among which at least one hosts 200
       persons and the others 60 persons; and rooms for demos, small
       meetings and registration
     - High-speed desktop and wireless Internet access
     - Audiovisual equipment
     - Printing of conference booklet and tutorial notes
     - Food and catering including breaks, receptions and banquet
     - Social events including infrastructure for banquets and
     - Sponsorships
     - Budget estimates spreadsheet (template provided, linked from the
       Bid Guidelines)
     - Registration and payment procedure
     - Opportunities for co-location with other meetings.

Proposals will be evaluated in relation to a number of site selection criteria 

      - Adequacy of conference and exhibit facilities for the
        anticipated number of registrants
      - Adequacy of residence accommodations and food services (in a
        range of price categories) and proximity to the conference
      - Adequacy of budget projections and expected surplus
      - Appropriateness of proposed dates
      - Geographical and national balance with regard to previous EACL
        and ACL conferences, and other major Natural Language Processing
        conferences, held in EMEA
      - Experience of local arrangements team
      - Local CL community support
      - Local government and industry support
      - Appropriateness of expected registration fees
      - Accessibility of proposed site.

A budget template for EACL 2014 and successful bids for previous and current 
conferences are available at: 

The ACL conference handbook and more about ACL policies can be found at: 

Successful bids for previous ACL conferences can be found at: 

Please send your draft proposal (including template form with estimated budget) 
electronically to the EACL Chair-elect:

Stephen Clark
University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory
stephen.clark at cl.cam.ac.uk

The EACL board encourages groups who intend to submit a proposal to ask 
questions about how to prepare the proposal.

Important Dates:

      - October 8, 2011: Deadline for draft bids
      - November 18, 2011: Feedback to bidders and announcement of
        shortlist of bidders
      - January 31, 2012: Deadline for final bids
      - March 30, 2012: Final bid chosen
      - April, 2014: EACL Conference.

Stephen Clark
University Senior Lecturer
University of Cambridge
Computer Laboratory


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