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ILLC Scientific Publications

This document contains the titles of the reports that were published
by the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC) this year.
These reports are electronically available,
 by WWW at http://www.illc.uva.nl/Publications and
 or FTP at ftp://ftp.science.uva.nl/pub/theory/illc/researchreports/
For more information, please contact the ILLC bureau:
       ILLC Bureau
       University of Amsterdam
       Science Park 904
       NL-1098 XH Amsterdam
       The Netherlands
       Email: illc at uva.nl

Reports are numbered Series-Year-Number, where `Series' is one of 
  PP = Prepublication Series
  MoL = Master of Logic Thesis


Report PP-2011-01
Title: Chaitin's halting probability and the compression of strings using 
Author: George Barmpalias, Andrew E.M. Lewis

Report PP-2011-02
Title: Normal Forms for Priority Graphs
Author: Johan van Benthem and Davide Grossi

Report PP-2011-03
Title: Comparing formal frameworks of narrative structure
Author: Benedikt L\"owe

Report PP-2011-04
Title: Automated Search for Impossibility Theorems in Social Choice Theory: 
Ranking Sets of Objects
Author: Christian Geist, Ulle Endriss

Report PP-2011-05
Title: Measure and cupping in the Turing degrees
Author: George Barmpalias, Andrew E.M. Lewis

Report PP-2011-06
Title: Designing Incentives for Boolean Games
Author: Ulle Endriss, Sarit Kraus, J\'er\^ome Lang, Michael Wooldridge

Report PP-2011-07
Title: Dependence and Independence
Author: Erich Gr\"adel, Jouko V\"a\"an\"anen

Report PP-2011-08
Title: William of Sherwood, singular propositions and the hexagon of 
Author: Yurii Khomskii

Report PP-2011-09
Title: Polarized partitions on the second level of the projective hierarchy
Author: J\"org Brendle, Yurii Khomskii

Report PP-2011-10
Title: The synchronicity of dynamic epistemic logic
Author: C\'edric D\'egremont, Benedikt L\"owe, Andreas Witzel

Report PP-2011-11
Title: A general setting for the pointwise investigation of determinacy
Author: Yurii Khomskii

Report PP-2011-12
Title: Aggregating Dependency Graphs into Voting Agendas in Multi-Issue 
Author: St\'ephane Airiau, Ulle Endriss, Umberto Grandi, Daniele Porello, 
Joel Uckelman

Report PP-2011-13
Title: Binary Aggregation with Integrity Constraints
Author: Umberto Grandi, Ulle Endriss

Report PP-2011-14
Title: Ontology Merging as Social Choice
Author: Daniele Porello, Ulle Endriss

Report PP-2011-15
Title: Applications of Logic in Social Choice Theory
Author: Ulle Endriss

Report PP-2011-16
Title: DEL planning and some tractable cases
Author: Benedikt L\"owe, Eric Pacuit, Andreas Witzel

Report PP-2011-17
Title: Methodological remarks about comparing formal frameworks for 
Author: Benedikt L\"owe

Report PP-2011-18
Title: Clustering and classification of music by interval categories
Author: Aline Honingh, Rens Bod

Report PP-2011-19
Title: Dynamic Logics of Evidence-Based Beliefs
Author: Johan van Benthem, Eric Pacuit

Report PP-2011-20
Title: Exploring a Theory of Play
Author: Johan van Benthem

Report PP-2011-21
Title: Sahlqvist Correspondence for Modal Mu-Calculus
Author: Johan van Benthem, Nick Bezhanishvili, Ian Hodkinson

Report PP-2011-22
Title: Logic in a Social Setting
Author: Johan van Benthem

Report PP-2011-23
Title: Question-Answer Games
Author: Thomas {\AA}gotnes, Johan van Benthem, Hans van Ditmarsch, 
\c{S}tefan Minic\v{a}

Report PP-2011-24
Title: Deontic Logic and Changing Preferences
Author: Johan van Benthem, Fenrong Liu

Report PP-2011-25
Title: Logic between Expressivity and Complexity
Author: Johan van Benthem

Report PP-2011-26
Title: Logic, Mathematics, and General Agency
Author: Johan van Benthem

Report PP-2011-27
Title: Toward a Theory of Play: A Logical Perspective on Games and 
Author: Johan van Benthem, Eric Pacuit, Olivier Roy

Report PP-2011-28
Title: Game Solution, Epistemic Dynamics and Fixed-Point Logics
Author: Johan van Benthem, Am\'elie Gheerbrant

Report PP-2011-29
Title: On the Two Faces of Deontics: Semantic Betterness and Syntactic 
Author: Johan van Benthem, Davide Grossi, Fenrong Liu

Report PP-2011-30
Title: The Dynamics of Awareness
Author: Johan van Benthem, Fernando Vel\'azquez-Quesada

Report PP-2011-31
Title: Multi-agent belief dynamics: bridges between dynamic doxastic and 
doxastic temporal logics
Author: Johan van Benthem, C\'edric D\'egr\'emont

Report PP-2011-32
Title: Dynamic Logic in Natural Language
Author: Johan van Benthem

Report PP-2011-33
Title: Inclusion and Exclusion Dependencies in Team Semantics: On Some 
Logics of Imperfect Information
Author: Pietro Galliani

Report PP-2011-34
Title: Extendible formulas in two variables in intuitionistic logic
Author: Nick Bezhanishvili, Dick de Jongh

Report PP-2011-35
Title: Fatal Heyting Algebras and Forcing Persistent Sentences
Author: Leo Esakia, Benedikt L\"owe

Report MoL-2011-01
Title: Sequences with Trivial Initial Segment Complexity
Author: Tom Florian Sterkenburg

Report MoL-2011-02
Title: Matrices and Modalities: On the Logic of Two-Dimensional Semantics
Author: Peter Fritz

Report MoL-2011-03
Title: Side Effects in Steering Fragments
Author: Lars Wortel

Report MoL-2011-04
Title: Variable Binding in Biologically Plausible Neural Networks
Author: Douwe Kiela

Report MoL-2011-05
Title: Smoothing a PBSMT Model by Factoring Out Adjuncts
Author: Sophie Arnoult

Report MoL-2011-06
Title: Negation in Questions
Author: Noortje Joost Venhuizen

Report MoL-2011-07
Title: Tightening the Compression Hierarchies
Author: Navid Talebanfard

Report MoL-2011-08
Title: Information and Representation in Computational Social Choice
Author: Ilan Frank

Report MoL-2011-09
Title: Context Dependence of Epistemic Operators in Dynamic Evidence Logic
Author: Irma Cornelisse

Report MoL-2011-10
Title: Tarski's Threat to the T-Schema
Author: Cian Chartier

Report MoL-2011-11
Title: Counterfactual Dependencies
Author: Kasper H\o jbjerg Christensen

Report MoL-2011-12
Title: Buridan's Theory of Logical Consequence
Author: Spencer C. Johnston

Report MoL-2011-13
Title: Finding the phase transition for Friedman's long finite sequences
Author: Willem M. Baartse

Report MoL-2011-14
Title: Degrees of Non-Determinacy and Game Logics on Cardinals under the 
Axiom of Determinacy
Author: Zhenhao Li

Report MoL-2011-15
Title: Relation Liftings in Coalgebraic Modal Logic
Author: Johannes Marti

Report MoL-2011-16
Title: Completing partial algebra models of term rewriting systems
Author: Gabriela Asli Rino Nesin

Report MoL-2011-17
Title: The Cylindric Algebras of 4-Valued Logic
Author: Rogier Jacobsz

Report MoL-2011-18
Title: Discontinuous Data-Oriented Parsing through Mild Context-Sensitivity
Author: Andreas van Cranenburgh

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